looking for Disney teas

so i went to Disney today and saw that they had some but being a gift shop tea, i had some reservations especially since i couldnt go on steepster to check reviews of it first.

so it looks decent and thought i’d try a bit first…so if anyone has a few cups worth to spare for each flavor, pls let me know and let’s swap! thanks :D

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wah, nice reviews. now im really wanting some

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Azzrian said

PM me I have two of them.

yay! (hugs Azzrian)

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I have… Topsy Turvey Tea and Mad Tea Party Tea I would be willing to share if you’d like to try! :)

yes to both! :D

Pm me :)

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My brother got me two tins for my birthday/house sitting for him last year while he went to Disneyland… I sure hope he didn’t pay this $25/tin price listed! (http://www.amazon.com/Wonderland-Official-Unbirthday-Disney-Exclusive/dp/B006VMYV74/ref=pd_sbs_gro_5)

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Frolic select said

I Love Love Mad Tea Party and somehow I accidentally managed to throw mine away. If anyone wants to swap for it let me know. I’d prefer the loose leaf but might consider the bagged. My tea cupbord is pretty out of date but I have a bunch of 52teas and Lupica, some Della Terra and Adagio.

If anyone is up for a swap let me know what you like and I’m sure I can find something.

Next time I’m at disney I’m seriously stalking up. I got mine with the alice in wonderland tea press which is both functional and beautiful.

I’d be willing to trade some! I’d feel guilty trading it ALL since it was a gift, but I haven’t touched most of it so I have almost the full amount (in other words, a decent trade amount). What 52 teas/lupicia do you have? (most DT teas are not vegan and I have a TON of adagio and do not need more!!!)

Frolic select said

Follow me so we can send messages and I’ll type you up a list.

Thank you so much for the offer, I’m sure I can come up with something you might like.

Following! PM me :)

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mrmopar said

here is an ebay item number for a set of them 251228472585

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