Lala said

Tea and cancer

I recently had a family member diagnosed with breast cancer and will need to undergo surgery, radiation and chemotherapy.

I am aware of the general health benefits of tea, and the differences between certain types of tea (ie. black vs green vs white, etc). But I have no information on the effects of tea specifically regarding cancer.

I was wondering if anyone had any experience with this and had any recommendations for tea that would be good for the recovery process? Or if there was any knowledge about if certain teas are better than others for cancer and recovery.

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Kamyria said

I sent you a message Lala :)

My husband had testicular cancer almost 2 years ago and he had to undergo surgery and chemotherapy. He drinks a lot of black based teas with Earl Grey being his favourite and has been drinking them since he was a child. I wouldn’t say that any tea was specifically better than any other when it comes to fighting cancer but I can offer one tip that I learnt.

Chemotherapy can leave a dry and chemical/metal taste in the mouth and also may change your personal taste. My husband hated tomatoes and now post chemotherapy he can tolerate them much better. My advice is to go for light teas such as green and white with a fruity taste to help take away the horrible taste that chemotherapy leaves, you may have to try a variety of them just incase your family member changes their taste.

I pray that your family member recovers quickly. If you need anyone to talk to about anything (tea related or otherwise) then please feel free to message me.

Lala said

Thank you so much!

ashmanra said

I had breast cancer two years ago. When the lab work was completed after surgery, they found that only four per cent of the cancer cells were actually growing, while 96% were dormant. One doctor jokingly said that all that tea I drink may have lulled the cancer to sleep!

During radiation, I needed Queen Catherine to buck me up and keep me going. I have homeschooled my kids for the past twenty years, so I went from almost never having to be somewhere early in the morning, to being at a radiation appointment at the hospital every single day for eight weeks. Catherine got me there!

I have since increased my intake of green tea and matcha for the extra antioxidants, just in case there is anything still there that may need lulling. LOL!

If your relative has to have chemo, they may appreciate a stomach settling tea like chamomile or puerh, or a soothing and relaxing tea like tulsi. But I am sure an herbalist could be even more helpful. Or you could ask at your local health food store.

Lala said

Thanks for the reply. Do you have any other suggestions for any non related tea things that may be beneficial/helpful?

ashmanra said

When radiation starts, some soft shirts that can be worn without a bra are crucial! Especially if she didn’t have a radical mastectomy. Everywhere that something rubs you, you will “lose” the most skin. Textured, dark colored shirts are great! Loose shirts with a loose vest over it works well, too. If needed, a soft cotton, too large sleep bra for modesty can be put on under it. Radiation doesn’t burn the skin like the sun does, it stops the dermal layer from growing. As the epidermis is naturally shed, like always, there is nothing to replace those cells so you end up with “burns”. Pure aloe vera kept in the fridge feels good, it can’t have perfume or anything. Biofine is also good if she has good insurance to help pay for it. Airing the skin is helpful, too.

Mostly, don’t forget her! Stay in touch, be positive, and tiny little gifts mean a lot. I mean something like a lip balm, a lavender sachet for calming, an offer to drive her to one of her final treatments, a favorite food, a card, a personal note….anything that reminds her that people are pulling for her.

Most hospitals and cancer centers offer free massages, pedicures during chemo (nail fungus can be a big problem with chemo), special beauty tips meetings for what to do when your hair goes and how to keep your skin looking nice. Ours had art classes, too! Cooking a meal or buying one would be great when her energy gets sapped by the treatments. And tea! Lots of tea! :)
Andie select said

Just in terms of something soothing/relaxing (idk if there is any health benefit to it or not), I sent a friend of mine some mango rooibos when she started going through chemo. She told me it’s the only thing she can drink post chemo that doesn’t make her feel sick.

Niko said

I think Rooibos is best tea/infusion to prevent/cure cancer. Its so rich in antioxidants that it is said to extend life. Anti-oxidants as name suggests prevent oxidation of other molecules, that way it prevents formation of free radicals. Free radicals cause chain reactions in cells, damaging them. Free radicals are the cause for cancer. And Rooibos makes you look younger too, in theory it slows aging.

Look up the benefits of “Chaga tea”. I have two friends that drink it due to a suggestion from a nurse at "James cancer center ". They both enjoy drinking it and have said its very tasty. There’s also a web site you can check out called " tea "

Lala said

Thanks to everyone for all of the helpful suggestions!

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