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What Makes you Try a New Tea?

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Dinosara said

When I first was getting into tea, the biggest thing that got me to try new teas was deals (sales, etc), cheap or free samples, cheap or free shipping. Basically if I could get samples for cheap, I was in.

These days, it takes more to get me to branch out. I mostly try new teas in swaps with other Steepsters, and I am less likely to take advantage of free sample offers. Basically I am looking for evidence of high quality teas and unique blends. The more you can provide about the source of your teas, the better. Finally, if your teas are getting rave reviews from people I trust on Steepster, I will eventually check you out.

free samples +1

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sandra said


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NofarS said

1) Reasonable shipping prices. If the shipping costs add 50% to the cost of my basket, I won’t buy it.
2) Good reviews on Teaviews, Steepster, etc.
3) Interesting unblended teas, or good prices on teas that I’ve tried elsewhere.
4) Good info on the tea – origin, year picked, storage, etc.
5) Site navigation, friendly customer services, nice packaging.

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Lariel select said

Getting it in the post?

I will usually be a sample if I get a decent amount (several cups), and the price and shipping cost are reasonable. If it’s a flavour I already like, or a new one that sounds interesting.

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Denny said

If it’s a flavor I haven’t had, then I’m game like Kobe.

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looseTman said

^^ +1 with all the excellent feedback above.
Also, a good selection of reasonably priced organic teas that’s expanding over time would encourage me to try a new tea supplier.

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Smaller sizes
Descriptions- decided not to order because descriptions of teas weren’t clear or lacked info
Previous reviews (especially by those that I feel have the same tastes as myself)
Shipping costs – as others have said if the shipping is more than my tea I won’t purchase
Ease of navigation on a website- I have abandoned orders because the website was confusing

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Thank you all so much for your input! I am overwhelmed by all these thoughtful responses and truly appreciate it. I’m looking forward to discussing your input with our team and seeing what we can do to become more attractive to new consumers.

thank you for seeking out input.

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Welcome. I bet your tea is really good. :)

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I bet if you offered an inexpensive sampler set to Steepster members, that would help you garner plenty of reviews, and thus, more orders. I’ve seen this happen with several other tea companies who offered samples to us. I know sometimes people are hesitant to place an order for a full tin unless they know they like the tea. Good luck!

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