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Thank You All for your Prayer and Support :) Update 2/20/2013

Update Today 2/20- Mom is back in the hospital again because she is having “seizures” that started Sunday and just kept becoming worse and worse since at this point the “seizures” are happening back to back on after another with just minutes in between, that’s not good I’m afraid something is wrong. I’ve had seizures all my life and these “seizures” that she is having aren’t like any that I’ve ever heard of, had or seen before. She is conscious and aware of them and they are very painful to her, sounds like something else is going on to me :( Please Pray, I’m scared.

I know this one isn’t Tea discussion but I just wanted to post and say Thanks to all of you guys who where praying for my mother, Those that didn’t know She had brain surgery today to remove a 4 inch tumor form her brain, The OR just called and said they are finishing her up now with the stitches and such and that everything went well, I’ve been very worried for many days and not sleeping well, now I can get some rest :) Thank You all for praying for her!
Update~ Well….Turns out that last phone call was just about the surgery only and not the Tumor, We did NOT get the news we wanted to hear, the doctor thought at first that it would be some type of tumor that is completely benign but he don’t know for sure and won’t know for sure for a few more days when they do test on it, It is some type of Glioma but like he said they don’t know for sure what type or any details just it is not what he thought it was, He told us that she may or may not need further treatment, surgeries or chemotherapy, I hope none of the above, but we just don’t know right now, and thats how it is, So saddened, afraid for my momma :(
FINAL UPDATE FOR NOW- Not benign, needs treatments not exactly sure what type of treatment right now, won’t know that for at least two weeks after further study of the whatever the hell it is to find out :) Got To Stay Strong Because God Has His Own Plan And He Is In Control, Not Us!
Thank You All Again For Prayers and Support!

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Sil select said

Tommy that’s great news! I’m so glad everything went well.

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Katiek said

I didn’t know until this thread, but I will say a prayer for her and all who love her and were worried.

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Glad to hear that everything went smoothly. :)

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K S said

Thanks for updating us. I was just catching up on the reviews hoping for some news.

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ashmanra said

Great news! Get some rest, and keep us updated!

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I pray things continue to progress well. Blessings to you and all you love.

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Azzrian said

Be strong Tommy prayers are coming your way!

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Claire said

Tommy I am thinking good thoughts and praying for your mom. Hope all turns out well.

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Artp said

Praying for your mom and family!

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You and your family are in my thoughts. I hope your mom gets some good news back and soon.

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