T.C. said

Good place to order German Rock Sugar?

Any recommendations? Quality, price, cheap shipping all considerations.


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Lala said

I would check a bulk store, like nutters or bulk barn first before ordering online. I usually find the best deal in the bulk stores that sell baking ingredients.

What is German Rock Sugar?? I usually sweeten with raw natural cane sugar, myself.

I got mine at Teavana & barely paid anything for it.

Adagio is good, especially if you have points to spare.

ashmanra said

Be careful! I have found some sites that say they are selling German rock sugar or amber sugar, and all it is, is plain rock sugar like sugar candy. German rock sugar should be beet sugar that is relatively unprocessed and unbleached. I bought mine at Teavana and haven’t found it cheaper, only more expensive, which kind of blew my mind. I bought the big glass jar.

Teavana is where I got mine. I bought a pound, it lasts a long time.

T.C. said

Ok, thanks for the replies all. Teavana sounds good…have one 10 minutes away so I don’t have to pay shipping.

(looks at TC’s location) sounds like a really cool place to live. you just happen to live near all the cool teashops

T.C. said

LOL Well Mad Hat is cool to hang out at…Teavana is just sort of “there” at the mall…..usually avoid it to be honest :)

Persimmon tree’s german rock sugar is the same price as teavanas 1lb, $8.49.

mrmopar said

Persimmon is where I got mine also. They even put it in an airtight jar.

TheNecessiTeas carries it but looks like she is sold out of it right now. Here is the link anyway…

Dustin said

What makes the German rock sugar superior? I love a bit of sweetener in my teas, but I keep searching and switching to find the perfect one. For me the perfect sweetener would be something that adds only sweetness, not any sort of flavor of it’s own.

It’s made from beets, so it’s suppose to be a natural occuring sugar. It doesn’t change the flavour & it also has less calories etc. Suppose to overall be healthier for you.

Lynxiebrat said

It’s exactly why I like the rock sugar..because it sweetens without taking away the flavor, like honey can. That being said…since I’ve run out of my rock sugar and cannot afford to buy anymore for a long while….I’ve been adding my sweetener to the tea before I pour the water, it’s been working pretty good. Instead of adding sweetener after it’s been steeped.

ashmanra said

I agree with the above, and the guy who helps me at Teavana also recommended a honey they no longer sell called White Gold. You can get it from Williams Sonoma and everyone who tastes it, loves it.

Dustin said

I like honey in simple inexpensive teas like bagged mint, but it’s way too flavorful for me in more complex teas. The taste of honey will vary greatly depending on what flowers the bees harvested from too.

ashmanra said

I agree, Dustin. I only use honey in lattes and iced Moroccan Mint sometimes. I almost never add sugar to any tea at all, but when I do it is either German rock sugar from Teavana or raw cane sugar from the Whole Foods bulk bins. But 99.9% of my tea is taken with no additions at all.

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