Pia M said

Really Unusual Teas....

Can anyone recommend some really unusual teas, with unusual ingredients and flavorings? I am really looking to experiment right now and am looking for suggestions. Thanks advance for any leads :-)

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momo said

take a look at Butiki teas, Stacy just released a pineapple cilantro one that I wish I could enjoy if my taste buds weren’t so vehemently against cilantro.

Oh no, cilantro is just one of those love it or hate it ingredients. I was surprised when I was doing a search on here for our tea and I just typed in cilantro and the only 2 teas that came up was a custom blend I made for Indigobloom and the Pineapple Cilantro Cream. I thought it would be more common than that.

momo said

There is only one way I can eat it, there’s an Indian restaurant near one of my classroom buildings that has a chili cilantro chutney. It’s so spicy I can’t taste it. So I know pineapple being sweet means the complete opposite would happen haha.

Fjellrev said

It’s weird, but depending on your genes, it can taste like metal. Ugh, like for me.

Mmmmm, cilantro chutney. Sounds yummy.

Incendiare-That’s interesting that it tastes like metal to you. I’ve heard that to some people it tastes like soap. To me it just has an incredibly fresh taste.

Kittenna said

I find that sometimes cilantro tastes like soap, and other times as you said Stacy, it tastes very “fresh”! I found that in the tea, it was not a strong flavour at all, and definitely “fresh” tasting. Yum. I should have more soon.

momo said

In small amounts I get soap, but big pieces definitely taste metallic.

@Butiki Teas – I personally find cilantro to taste like soapy metal (yeah, weird), but I actually like the taste. Yep.

Pineapple Cilantro Cream sounds REALLY good, but the base is Bai Mu Dan, which makes me ill. :(

Daniel-That is so weird about the metal taste and to see others are getting metal taste too. I’d be happy to make you a small batch of the Pineapple Cilantro Cream with a different base if you were interested. Though it would need to be at the same time I’m also making the large batch.

I can’t wait to try this one!

@Butiki – I sure would! I will message you.

Azzy select said

One of the reasons that some people don’t like cilantro is a genetic effect where some people taste soap when they taste cilantro.
Also, it helps if you change your keywords when searching, cilantro is also known as Coriander, also sometimes misspelled corriander. Hope that helps expand the search range!

momo said

Except in food, coriander is considered the seed, which tastes nothing like cilantro.

coriander leaf though might lead to less confusion, but definitely not just coriander…there are opinionated cilantro haters out there who do not like to be thrown off. https://www.facebook.com/pages/I-HATE-CILANTRO/54754722016?fref=ts

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Butiki also has tamarind pop. only tamarind tea I have found to date.

Alphakitty said

Yeah, that was my blend because I couldn’t find a tamarind tea and was dying for one! not surprised really, it’s an unusual ingredient in most places.

ah! you were the one that made the request! yup, I grew up with it in several ethnic recipes, but that was about it.

I’ve been thinking about getting this one! I love the taste of tamarind.

Kasumi no Chajin-It was more than a request. Alphakitty did a custom blend with us and made the decisions for that tea including the base tea. That was the first custom blend I had done that I thought was really unique.

I understood that from the description of the product, thanks for the elaboration though.

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Hi Pia. We have a Citrus Spice White Iced Tea. There are some reviews here and if you are interested just follow me and I will message you a coupon.

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Thanks for the mention momo & Kasumi no Chanjin. :)

Also on our weirder side: Potato Pancake & Applesauce, Mango Lassi (mango, cream, cardamom), and Pistachio Ice Cream.

I second the Potato Pancake & Applesauce tea! It’s pretty unique yet tasty!

Dustin said

OMG, mango lassi?! Sounds delicious!
Now I want a mango lassi. :/

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Kusumi has Algothe…I will be ordering it on my first order with them (not sure when that will be yet ;(. but it is a green tea, mint, and seaweed and blend.

Nature’s Tea Leaf has a Rosemary White tea, basic, but I have not seen it anywhere else.

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On the flavored matcha front, Red leaf Tea has(that I find unusual at least):
Alfalfa,Aloe,Amla Berry,Bubble Gum,Butterscotch,Chlorella, Cola,Ginger Ale,Hemp,Kiwi,Lucuma,Maca,Pistachio,Royal Jelly,Spirulina,Sea Buckthorn,Wheatgrass

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http://malt-tea.com/ yeah, pretty weird if you never had tea like that before. On similar teas, crash a Korean grocery store and you can find dried corn, black bean and barley teas.

Dustin said

Iced barley teas are super refreshing!

Kinda like non-fermented beer?! Interesting.

barley teas are great, but I have never thought of them as unusual. Though Luprica has some flavored ones that I had never heard of…

Emily M said

I have a watermelon barely tea from Lupicia that I find very refreshing iced.

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Hi Pia, we have a variety of teas at www.teabar.com, including some unusual ones:
Cherry Kiwi Coconut Fruit http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/cherry-kiwi-coconut-fruit.html
Mango Mate http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/mango-mate.html
Apricot Brandy Organic http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/apricot-brandy-organic.html
Turmeric Ginger http://www.mahamosa.com/teabar/en/turmeric-ginger.html
If you need any other suggestions, just let us know!

Tumeric tea sounds good. I love that spice.

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Pia M said

I’m glad I started this thread – Thanks for the incoming suggestions, everyone, all these suggestions sound great and I look forward to researching the teas (and the tea purveyors) further!

Dustin said

Me too, there are some pretty great suggestions popping up!

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Harney has a bamboo tea

Emily M said

I think DavidsTea does as well… though it may have a fruit flavor too. Pineapple or peach?

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