World Tea Expo - Las Vegas 2013

I am so lucky to be able to attend the expo again this year. It will be my second time. As long the event remains relevant to the industry I hope to make it an annual visit. Here are the last couple of posts I have written about this years event on my blog… – Return To World Tea Expo 2013: The Sequel – Bigger & Better – Top 5 “Can’t Miss” Booths @WorldTeaExpo 2013

Are you going? If so what are you looking forward to most? Do you have stories of expo’s past? Post here. Would love to hear all about it.

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Dustin said

Wow! I might actually be in town then for a body piercing convention! Do you know if it’s open to the public or for industry people only?

It is for industry people. However, if you are a tea blogger you can submit a request for a Press Pass. Here is a link that will explain who can attend and cost. Hope it helps.

Dustin said

Hmmmm, I didn’t see anything for a blogger. I’m guessing reviewing teas here doesn’t count. :) I did see pricing for students tho which was a little confusing because they list all the categories of people who can attend, then have pricing for all those people plus a separate student rate.

Anyone need an “assistant” for a day? I can assist collecting tea samples in my stomach.

LOL :) I know it isn’t there but it is a possiblity only thing is you have to be approved.

i saw a student ticket. it didnt specify that you had to be a tea student :)

if that is not enough, you can be my representative tea taster ^^

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I wish I could attend, but it’s SO expensive. Perhaps I can save some money for next year…
It would be nice to show our flavored matcha teas there.

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T.C. said

I can get there for $40 (yay for flying standby!) …. just have to find a cheap room..that would be awesome!

..and invent a fictitious tea company so they let me in…

or a soon to startup tea company :) you probably have enough tea to qualify…or if you don’t, you will soon lol

seriously: if you enrol in a community college or online course, you can show your ID

Anything to get to the Expo. I totally understand. ;)

Dustin said

So is there really an exception for students who aren’t in the industry or is it just a discount for people who also fit one of the other categories?

TC, if you make up a fictitious company, would you be interested in a fictitious business partner? :D

I don’t know if a fictitious company would work. In the past (I haven’t signed up this year yet), they request tax id info, address info, website, and a number of other things and then they take a few days before confirming your registration. They also ask financial info stuff to make sure you are a qualified buyer. You might be able to say you are working on a start up though.

T.C. said

Wow, it appears they have this place locked up tighter then Fort Knox!

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