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Green Rooibos Blends

I’m looking for recommendations for good green rooibos-based blends. I’ve only had green rooibos in Lupicia’s Haru Poro-Poro (one of my all-time favorites), where it’s mixed with green tea, but I’m thinking I might like it better than I do red rooibos for times when I need something without caffeine.

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Azzrian said

Apple Pie is EXCELLENT but they have a lot of choices in green rooibos.

Pshh, beat me to responding :P

Azzrian said

I really need to get some more of this !

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Lariel select said

Teavana’s rooibos tropica is both red and green rooibos.

This is one of my favorites!

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T.C. said

Might have to try that one. Looks good.

I actually just got a bag in, if you want me to shoot you off a sample.

T.C. said

That would be even better!
Unless you’re in North Tacoma…then I’ll just run pick it up lol

Azzrian said

I second Dylan this time! He beat me to this one I was trying to remember the name lol I need more of this too!

East actually :). PM me your addy, and I’ll pop it in the mail.

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momo said

I love green rooibos by itself! I recommend coldbrewing it, it’s like honey was added. The only other one I’ve had is called Green Rooibos Summer Fruits from ZenTea.

Lala said

momo (or anyone else): what does green rooibos taste like? I am not much of a fan of red rooibos and/or rooibos blends. I want to try green rooibos to see what it tastes like, but and hesitant becuase I don’t like red. Is it more green tea-like, or red rooibush-like?

Uniquity said

I haven’t had any in a while so I can’t say what it IS like but I will say that it is different than red. Many people seem to prefer green to red. It’s nothing like green tea though. :) Honeybush is another alternative, if you haven’t had it.

Lala – I actually picked up some plain green rooibos last weekend. It doesn’t taste anything like red rooibos to me – there’s no heavy tobacco taste. It’s sweet, a little bit grassy or perhaps haylike. The sweetness reminded me more of maple syrup than of honey. As Uniquity said, it’s nothing like green tea. But, as someone who finds plain red rooibos fairly unpleasant, I do think green is worth trying.

Lala said

Thanks Uniquity and greenteafairy. That is very helpful.

I have Numi’s green rooibos, and I like it very much – just in case you want a recommendation, Lala.

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MissLena said

I really like Green and Fruity by DavidsTea, but I’ve heard others have had mixed feelings about it. To me, it is pure peaches and cream oatmeal! So tasty in the morning, it’s like eating breakfast :) also ditto on the green rooibos by itself, it’s a very interesting flavored tea but it tastes quite good!

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Thanks for the suggestions; I’ll look into all of these!

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david said

We have one called “Flirt With Me” (my wife names the tea blends).
It’s a green rooibos blend with mango pieces, papaya pieces, orange peels, rose petals, and passion fruit pieces.

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TheKesser said

Adagio has some green rooibos blends, but I can’t say whether they’re any good or not as I haven’t had any yet… I do, however, highly recommend Swampwater by Davidtea. Yes, it turns a funny colour, but I really love it. It’s nice and fruity. I’ve been meaning to try it chilled. I also like Three Lemon Green. I thought that was good one. I think it’s only available online now..

As a side note, I definitely prefer the green to the red. There’s just something about the flavour that is so different and mellow that I love.

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