Teas that are too good to put in your Steepster cupboard (or swap out)

In my brief but full experience in swapping, I came across cupboards that displayed only the swappables which I thought made a lot of sense. It certainly does make swapping so much easier :)

But then I want to know: what amazing teas am I missing out on?

So, if you will please…share with us ABOUT your teas that are too good to swap and maybe we can buy some of those for ourselves :)

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T.C. said

I still put everything in my cupboard. I just don’t always trade it if someone asks :)

Angrboda said

I do this too. I use the cupboard more as a service to myself rather than to potential swapping partners. I just tell them that they can ask for whatever they like, but that there might not be enough to share.

cteresa said

Me too. Everything is put, but I just might not have enough. Not enough might depend psychologically on how much I like it. 20 grams of a favorite will not be enough to send a 10 gram swap, though might be enough if it´s something I do not love too much. It might also depend on how easy it is for me to rebuy – much easier to send the last of something I can rebuy than of something I can not replace.

Uniquity said

+1. My cupboard is for me, my swap list is for swaps. Not that I swap frequently. :)

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Same as T.C. I put everything in my cupboard. If someone once to swap I’ll tell them what’s not avalible , I only have a few I wouldn’t give up a sample of.

hmmmm..you guys got me thinking about putting one or two-time swap (good for 3tsp) only in my swap thread :)

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Dustin said

There is a discontinued Teavana rooibos that I still have a little of and keep for myself. Tiramisu Treviso is the name. It was the tea that got me started with Teavana and the first rooibos I had tried. It doesn’t exactly taste like tiramisu, but it’s delicious anyways. Closest thing I have had is the My Morning Mate, which is similar but not the same.

so that’s why i didnt ask for it haha!

Dustin said

I don’t drink it much because I want to have some to compare to possible replacements.

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I will swap most anything that I have more then a small sample of. Some of the better teas/teas I drink often I am planning to restock with more then I would use personally in a short period, with swapping in mind.

I also do not swap out retired blends, and I try to avoid many limited edition teas, unless they are re-occuring seasonals.

any tea that comes in more then one degrees of flavor, such as the flavored matcha from red leaf, I doubt I would trade for the simple reason that the degree of flavor I would prefer seems to be unpopular here on steepster and hard to know what degree of flavor you will be getting in swap.

I often gift out the ends of small samples, but hang on to at least the last few cups worth of my staples, if I do not have an order of that tea on its way.

good thing that 52teas is listening to the tea lovers and reblending according to demand huh…which reminds me, i better indicate a request for their earl grey cheesecake :)

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I put everything in my cupboard except small samples. More often than not, I will swap away small samples of my favorite teas since I know that I will be making future purchases of those teas. As for discontinued teas, I still give away small samples depending on how much I have left.

like :)

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I stopped adding teas to my cupboard almost, I need to add a lot to it, most of them I would have to add to steepster myself and here lately I always seem to have issues adding teas to steepster so they stopped getting added to me cupboard.

aw, too bad! i have not had those issues so far…tho i have experienced steepster being down/erratic more than a few times. not enough to stop me tho haha

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Often, If I know I can restock a blend that I love, I will share it more generously, knowing that this may encorage others to purchase it, thus creating more of a demand to keep it around.

that does make sense. i do not put in my cupboard teas that im not able to restock anytime soon too ^^

ah, I will keep listed in my cupboard even the ones I may not restock right away, especilly If I have yet to log them.

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Nicole said

I put everything in my cupboard that I have enough of to swap. Same theory as Kasumi. Create demand by spreading the love. :)

I do put samples in my cupboard too, if I need to remember to log them, so we are slightly offset in practice.

hooray for the power of collective demand!

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Dinosara said

I officially have every tea I own in my cupboard, no matter how little I have (or how precious). If I am swapping and someone requests something that I can’t or don’t want to swap, I just say so.

Even when I only kept “swappable amounts” in my cupboard, I still kept all my most precious teas in there, as long as I had a lot of them. I kind of like how someone can get a sense of what kinds of teas I keep by perusing my cupboard.

hmmmm, yeah i also appreciate the idea of showing what’s really there…and then if there are a lot of unswappables, maybe make a list of those (or the swappables)…

Cavocorax said

Yeah, I’m the same way. My cupboard is for me to track what I have, more than what is possibly available for swapping. :) I have no problem saying no if it’s just a little bit left.

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y’all got interesting replies, thanks! im still looking out to hear about what teas are precious to you (like Dustin’s Tiramisu)

it’s ok if you want to talk about discontinued blends for the sake of discussion too. but im also looking out for really good teas to buy in the future and hoping some of those will come up here :)

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