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Who just drank so much matcha he can't sit down?

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Frolic select said

Are the samples just enough for one cup or a bit larger? Mine came this weekend but I’ve been out of town, I"ll be getting back to late to handle the caffeine today but tomorrow the tasting shall begin.

Alphakitty said

Definitely enough for more than one cup, got mine today and they are quite generously sized!

T.C. said

They are pretty big packets, more then a cup for sure.

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Lariel select said

I’ve only had green matcha. What different types are there? And how are they different?

T.C. said

I’ve seen every kind of matcha. Well I haven’t seen oolong matcha but I bet it exists somewhere. I even see a few rooibos matchas.

Lala said

The different kinds are based in the tea they are made from, matcha is green because it is from green tea, black matcha is made from black tea, etc.

Alphakitty said

Red Leaf actually has an oolong matcha: http://www.redleaftea.com/matcha-tea/oolong-matcha-tea-organic.html I really want to try it out!

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Frolic select said

Ok so I just got back last night and started sampling today. I’m only going to do the greens today so I don’t go totally crazy from the caffeine. In reality it’ll be at least 6 cups because I’m doing one traditional and one latte out of each sample, after seeing the thread about cold matcha I’m tempted to try them each that way as well but that may be a little too much.

I am curious to see if the people at Red Leaf will tell us what exactly we’ve been drinking when everyone is finished in case we want to order more.

On top of all my matcha caffeine I forgot I was doing my testing today and had two cups of Grand Amour from Nina’s first thing this morning. I also have a new oolong I got while in the bay area from Teance that I haven’t been able to try because I didn’t have an easy way to get decent hot water while I was there.

How much tea is too much?

Too Much Tea?? there is no such thing :)

you say the best things, Tommy!

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