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Unglazed Ceramic Teapot question

Hi all,
I was just looking into a teapot. The one I really like is an unglazed ceramic teapot on the inside. I am wondering whether this would be okay to use with various types of tea?
Or will the flavour of one tea absorb into the ceramic and leave a taste when making other teas?


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Lala said

If it is unglazed or untreated I would think that the ceramic would absorb the tea. It would also stain. And you would not be able to use any type of cleaners in it. Any chemical that is in the ceramic would also leach into the tea.

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Thanks for the quick reply.
Oh okay. Have you had any experience with ceramic?
Is it bothersome to clean?

The teapot I am looking at is a Tokoname. I want to use it with all types of tea though such as green and also oolong. Would that be okay you think?

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Lala said

I used to make ceramic ornaments and such. Ceramic is very porous and will absorb flavours, colours and smells, etc. So that is why is should be glazed if you are going to be putting liquid in it or cooking with it. The glazing will also make the ceramic stronger and more durable.

I am not familiar with that specific tea pot. It looks like it is designed to be used for green tea. I cannot find anywhere where it says it is unglazed though- I might just be missing that part.

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Uniquity said

Anything unglazed would typically be devoted to one specific type of tea (or even a specific tea). Of course, you can always break the ‘rules’ and mix it up, but it may not fare well for the pot. If it’s inexpensive (or you can afford to replace it :D) give it a shot and let us know!

Haha not sure if 60 dollars is expensive for a teapot.
I might have to break some rules then.

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Lala said

I am now interested. Check out this site on how the pots are made, and what they are used for. It is essentially like a Yixing pot. Designed to be used only for Japanese green tea.

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Ahh I see.. I emailed the shop vendor from Japan and he assured me that if would be fine for other teas.. However it may retain an odour.

He very helpfully informed me:

“If you are very sensitive in taste and aroma and if you enjoy super premium tea, I will recommend using this type teapot (non-glazed) only for the limited tea. When comparing with porcelain products, the non-glazed clay can bring the excellent and profound taste of tea, but on the other hand, the clay slightly absorbs the smell of the tea. If you prepare different types of tea with it, they might affect the other flavors each other in some degree. I’m telling this just in case you are very sensitive about it. I myself use this teapot for different teas (^-^)”

The teapot I am interested in is this one by the way for those who are curious: http://www.everyonestea.com/product/131

He sells some really well designed products and provides great photography.

Lala said

These pots are very beautiful. I love that they are hand crafted.

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