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~lauren. said

Updating Tea Database

Is it rude to update somebody’s else entry of a tea in the tea database?

I added three new teas for a specific tea company and noticed that one existing tea for this same tea company had just the name of a tea and some basic info on it in a fourth entry so I went ahead and added more pertinent data culled from the tea company’s website. Then I had a thought that maybe I was stepping on the original entry person’s toes or something. I am unsure of the etiquette involved here.

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Cofftea said

That’s why the ability to do so is even possible:)

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~lauren. said

Oh good – such a relief!

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Erin said

I view those pages as kind of like a tea-specific Wikipedia; anyone can add to it, and that’s why its so awesome!

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Jillian said

I do it all the time – mostly to correct bad spelling or to fix how the entry is categorized in the Tea Companies listing (because I’m sick and tired of seeing five different variations of the name for the same company).

Stephanie said

I do that too! And I’ve also seen a lot of duplicate and/or misspelled companies. Maybe there should be a “flag” botton so the Overloads can easily see to it and have them merged or fixed. I mean, I know we can email them, but a flag alert would be quicker.

Angrboda said

The Overloads, Stephanie? :D Is that for when they’re really busy?

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~lauren. said

I’m not sure how Overloaded the Overlords are, but thanks everybody for your responses!

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Dan said

If my information was in error or there were more recent information, I would want it corrected or added to.

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Jason admin said

You’re all spot on here. We see the tea database as a wikipedia for teas and encourage you to add more info or update an entry with correct info whenever you see one that needs updating. We know you have the information and can use that to help direct people to the best teas around, so we want to give you that power. Plus, if we managed all that internally we’d never get anything else done :).

But if you come across some teas/companies that are duplicates or need to be deleted, just send me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll take care of them for you. Merging and deleting teas/companies are only internal at this point because we don’t want anyone to lose their tasting notes by someone else deleting the tea/company it’s attached to. We plan to implement a flagging system to help surface these incorrect entries and make the process quicker and more simple.

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