i may never eat a single piece of chocolate without a cup of tea beside me ever again!

ok, so i tried a few yunnans side by side. and may i say, i have never ever had a single yunnan before…

but i have found that it is the thing that just might have me eating chocolates more often now. and i dont really eat it all that much. but now that i have tried them together…and tried chocolate on its own (ran out of tea and i thought it’s not a good idea to brew black tea so late at night) but…the chocolate taste without the richness of tea was sorely lacking.

and so i brewed a tiny cup. ahhhhhhh, perfect ^^

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david said

Well, they do go quite well together! just wrote a blog post last week regarding similar ingredients that chocolate and tea share, theobromine. Very interesting.


theo = God, bromine = food

so that’s why it feels like heaven! thanks for sharing, david! and it just so happens that you have a biblical name too! :D

david said

hmmm I think I need some chocolate… and another cup o’ tea… going on 8th cup today.

8th! (rushes to catch up)

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Chocolate would go very well with Santa’s Secret.

noted! ^^

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I do dark chocolate + red wine as a treat every few months. Have not enjoyed chocolate + tea though (yet?) but that may be because I like dark chocolates and light, fresh teas.

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I had a strawberry black the other night(I think it was teavana) , and some dark chocolate. Really yummy! The chocolare was Ghirardelli Intense Dark Cabernet Matinee. Loved it!

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