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Butiki Teas Picture Contest-Photos Now Up on our site!!!

130 Replies

Posted one of mine to FB and sending in the others now. We had fun doing this, what a fun idea! Thanks :-)

Saw your photo on Facebook! Super cute! :)

Thanks. That’s the Bean. She loves to have tea parties. The dog is Cooper, my 13 year old 95 lb mutt that I got in college. He’s an amazing dog. You’ll be seeing a few more pics of him in the email :-)

Awww, well the Bean & Cooper’s tea party is really adorable! I love that Fisher Price teapot too.

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Just a friendly little reminder that there are just 6 more days to get photos in. The 3rd of April is the last day we are accepting contest entries. This is the last weekend before our drawing.

So far, the photos have been awesome! We received a lot of really fun, cute, artistic, and creative photos. We even received a video and a poem. I can’t wait to put this all together. You guys are awesome!

Azzrian said

YAY! Can’t wait to see them on your website! :)

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Just a little reminder: tomorrow is the last day we will be accepting photos in. Thursday we will be announcing the big winner! Good luck everyone!

Sil select said

ah mah gawd!

I’m excited to see who the winner is. :)

Sil select said

Me! ME! pick me!

Well, you have a decent chance. Good luck :)

Cavocorax said

I hope it’s someone on Steepster so we can check out what they get with their GC. :)

Sil select said

i agree cavo!

There is a very good chance that the winner will be a Steepsterite.

Sil select said

..she said with a knowing smile….

Dustin said

Do we have to add you as a friend on FB to share photos?

Sil, I meant statistically speaking there is a good chance. :P

Dustin-Not sure. As long as you can tag us in the photo, so that it pops up in our photo section than you might not have to friend us.

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Azzrian said

Was fun to shoot some pics and share on Facebook – thanks for the contest… my fingers are crossed :)

Good luck Azzrian!

I love the photos that people sent in! Can’t wait to set up the website, so everyone can see what was sent in. :)

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Final day to send in the photos. :)

Oh good, then I wasn’t too late with my email. ^^

Emily M said

YAY! Getting down to the wire.

Shadowfall-Nope, you weren’t too late.

Emily-It really is. Can’t wait to see who the big winner is!

Emily M said

Me either! Or to see all the submissions.

Seeing the submissions might take some time. I’m not quite sure how I’m going to format it yet.

Emily M said

That’s fine. I can wait. I just think it’ll be really cool!

There are some awesome pics. I might just put them up for now in the next week or two and then over the summer have a designer properly design the page.

Emily M said

You said someone did do a video, right? Cause that’ll be really fun to see!

Emily-Awkward Soul sent in a video of her bunny Benson flipping around a tea bag. :)

Emily M said

AWWW. Cute.

The video is cute :)

Sil select said

really looking forward to seeing the pics from everyone, though i’ve seen a few via FB heh

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Photo Contest Update!!!! We received 105 photos!!! Thank you everyone for participating. So many awesome photos were sent in! I’m heading over to random.org right now to randomly select the winner of the $60 in free tea! Good luck everyone!

Emily M said


The official winner is Ashe from Windy City!

Emily M said

Congrats, Ashe! =)

Congrats!!!!! :D

congrats to the lucky person! I can’t wait to see all the photos!

Sil select said

WOOT! congratulations Ashe!

Azzrian said

Congrats to the Ashe! :)

Eeeee! So excited about this. I’ve never really won anything awesome like this ever, except for the occasional lottery ticket. Lol.
Thank you so much Stacy for holding the contest. I can’t wait to see everyone else’s pics.

Congrats Shadowfall! :)

Cavocorax said

That’s great Shadowfall! :)

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Just wanted to mention that the photos are now up on the website! They are pretty awesome! Thanks to everyone who participated! http://www.butikiteas.com/Community.html

Please excuse the poor formatting. We ended up posting 79 of the 105 pictures received.

Azzrian said


Azzrian said

This is freaking AWESOME – what amazing creativity from all !! Looks excellent on your site Stacy and I don’t know of any other tea company who has anything like this! Excellent credibility for your site!

Yay! Looks great everybody. Dustin- the tattoo in your pics is beautiful, also very lovely photo!

Azzrian-Thanks! I wasn’t sure how the formatting looked to others since I’m not a web designer and have limited design capabilities.

These photos are great! We received a real variety of artistic, fun, funny, cute, informative, and interesting photos. I was dying when I saw the gongfu session on a plane and also the dog photo caught mid lick. Some really cute pets in here and I love the Butiki tea tree. These photos make me smile. :)

Dinosara said

Yay, love all of them! Houdini wants to be your new lizard mascot. :D

Rachel J said

Looks great, Stacy! Love seeing my sweetie, Hudson, up there. :)

Dinosara-Houdini would be an awesome mascot. I love how it looks like he’s smiling.

Rachel-Hudson is awesome! Very well trained to be able to balance that bag on his head.

Love them all! What good looking, artistic, well rounded, family friendly clientele you have!

Sil select said

I love these everyone! well done!

Dustin said

Thanks Stephanie! The photography was done by a friend. The back is mine. :)

A lot of the photos made me smile, but I LOVE the video of the bunny! Such a character!

TastyBrew-I know, right. We have some seriously awesome customers.

Sil-I agree, everyone did such a great job and what a nice variety. I love your dinosaur pic. So cute.

Dustin-I love your tattoo. It’s so very well done and it just works perfectly with the tea. Benson is so adorable. I love the pic of him sitting on the tea tin.

Emily M said

Yay! So cool!

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Katiek said

Love all these pics, epecially all the adorable kids and pets

The kids are super cute and its nice to see a variety of pets. I love the rats, they are so cute and remind me of my chinchilla. :)

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Good job Stacy and all the participants, it looks great! Tea people are just amazing, aren’t they?

Thanks. I was a bit worried that the formatting would look terrible but I’m pretty happy with the formatting for now. Tea people are amazing. They are very creative!

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