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Rachel J said

What's your favorite teacup?

I am so particular about what I drink my tea from, and I bet many of you are too! I usually make my tea 12 ounces at a time in a little pot with a removable infuser. Then I prefer to drink it out of a smaller cup, but not too small, with some weight to it, and good balance when holding by the handle.

I was so excited, therefore, when I saw this at David’s Tea:
I LOVE THIS CUP and the lovely bamboo coaster. It holds about 10 oz, so when it is full to an inch below the rim (how I like it), it is 7 ounces or so. Perfect. I have one cup, then the second is a bit less full, then I get to make a new pot of tea!

Unfortunately, it seems they no longer make this cup, but they still have a couple at my local David’s. I might have to stock up for the future. It really is the most perfect cup (for me) I’ve ever used.

Do you have a favorite?

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Rachel J said

Haha… Should have searched before posting a new thread. Well, it’s been a while since the last one.

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I love all lines of products from this handmade Taiwanese studio.

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BoxerMama said

I’m in love with the DT perfect mug. I have a bowl style mug from Pampered Chef as well, I like to drink matcha out of that one.

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Mine is an adorable little 8-oz Danish blue teacup with a saucer, mesh infuser basket, and lid that my sweetie found somewhere or other and gave to me for my birthday.

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I have 7 mug/cups from TJ Maxx and they are like oversized tea cups. They are super colorful and pretty and they hold such a deliciously hefty cup of tea :)

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The mug I use at home is a big one (14 ounces, about 10-12 oz used normally) is a mug from my company store. Black on black lettering so it’s not too obvious and I bought it a while ago using ‘points’ that I got for doing a good job at the company. So basically free and that’s how I like it. The mug I use at work for tea was free from my union and it’s one of those tall big mugs though it probably holds the same amount or more, I think I measured it when ‘full’ at 14 oz the last time I bothered to check. I have a Breville tea maker in both places and usually fill it up to 750ml when I make a pot and that’s about 2 mugs or a mug and a travel mug with either mug. Obviously, I don’t care much about what they look like, just how they function.

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Erin said

When it comes to cups/mugs, like everything else, things come and go. I love one for a while, then another one strikes my fancy. I love seeking out the unusual things at thrift stores, so usually my mug of choice at any given time is random, unusual, and from a thrift store.

My current technical requirements:
1) White in color, to best see the color of the tea when brewing. Depending on the mug, a clear one may be an acceptable alternative.
2) Preferably 10 oz size.
3) Preferably with a handle. But not required.
4) Must be able to work well with Finum basket.

While I am typing this out, it does seem a bit technically exacting in requirements- maybe I should loosen up a bit :)

Rachel J said

LOL… No you sound just like me!

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Lala said

I have Teavanas grand peacock I fuses mug, 10oz with ceramic infuser and a lid that doubles as a saucer for the infuser. I love the artwork on it.
I also have 16oz white latte mugs from pottery barn that I use for everything.

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I have these cute little glass cups from Teavivre. They hold about the same amount as a shot glass or two. The glass is very thick on the sides so the cups appear rounded. I don’t know how to describe them. Here they are: http://www.teavivre.com/two-double-wall-glass-tea-cups-50ml/ I really don’t know what to do with them as I don’t drink only 50 ml at a time. Maybe I’ll swap them with someone for some tea samples?

I was planning to buy those same cups when I’ve saved up for a teavivre order. If I have anything in my cupboard that looks good, gimmie a shout!

Don’t buy any! I have four of them I would love to send you. I’m moving in a week into a MUCH smaller place and I need to find homes for some stuff. I’ll check out your cupboard. :-)

OMGsrsly said

I have 50ml cups, and I use them when sipping a pot of tea. I steep and then sweeten in the pot, and keep it on a warmer so I get hot tea all afternoon.

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Emily M said

I have three mugs that are my favorite, each a different size. I use them all quite regularly, depending on how much tea I feel like drinking in one sitting.

First, I have a big, heavy, brownish-tanish-purpleish (I know, a lot of “ish”!) clay mug with the word “Libra” and the libra sign (a scale) carved into it. I can pour my whole teapot (23oz? Somewhere in the 20s) in it, which is convienent when no one else wants to drink a tea with me and I make a lot of it. A friend bought it for me years ago, and I’ve used it ever since. =)
Next, if I want a little less tea and my big mug is dirty/elsewhere, I have a Betty Boop ceremaic mug that I love, too! My Nana got that for me, as I was obsessed with Betty Boop a couple of years back. It’s black with a white inside. This one comes with a lid, which is nice if I have somehing I have to do and need to keep the tea warm. It’s about 16 oz.
Finally, I have a small 8 oz mug with my favorite animal all over it: PENGUINS! =) I think it was from seaworld. My dad got it back in the 80s and gave it to me when he found out I loved penguins. It’s old, but well loved.

Emily M said

I also have a gaiwan set, and the cups that come with those are so beautiful and light. They are red, with blackish/brown paisly patterns on them. The inside is white, so you can see the brew color nicely. Very cute.

I guess I’m a bit of a cup hoarder!

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