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When you feel like crap what do you drink?

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Alphakitty said

Emotionally crappy? Chai or earl grey (any variation), usually as a latte.

Physically crappy? Ginger, lemon, peppermint—usually in some combination.

Emotional crappy is definitely chai or pumpkin for me.

Alphakitty said

Even better, pumpkin chai! XD

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Any tea works when I feel physically crappy. But when I’m sick, I drink chamomile (with or without honey), peppermint, and lemon zinger.

When I’m mentally crappy, I drink a Japanese green tea, usually one of the grassy kinds.

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unflavored matcha for either mental of physical distress. also, genmaicha, or sencha
Physical: ginger, or mint blends
Mental/Emotional: Sense of Peace by Zhena’s Gypsy tea, chai, or a brothy green, or Ideally, Seaweed Kombucha(as I can find it).

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lecheval said

If it’s more of a physical thing I’ll drink a cup of Yorkshire tea with lemon or an organic green with lemon and honey.

If it’s more emotional Yorkshire tea with milk and sugar.

Ichabod said

I’ve never had yorkshire tea… what is it like and where do i get it?

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Ichabod said

I love all these answers! It seems like ginger and honey, and chamomile and green tea are quite popular!
When I am feeling sick I find myself reaching for DT’s Cold 911 with a big helping of honey!
When I’ve got a case of the blahs?
I’ll reach for something citrusy like DT Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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