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Looking for a tea pen pal.

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This is a wonderful idea :) I had penpals growing up but the idea of a tea penpal is genius. I’m up for it if anyone wants an English teapal :)

Nick select said

I’m still up for more, and overseas would even be fun. I’m just not sure how much it costs to send things over the pond, assuming it’s not too horribly expensive I’d be more then happy to. If it is on the far side of expensive, given the interest this has gotten thus far, i’d imagine we can find someone. :)

Kitty, I’d be your tea penpal! :)

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I would love to get in on this!! The thought crosses my mind every now and again that it would be so nice to write letters like the good old days. I’m open, especially with someone with similar tea tastes! :)

Nick select said

If you’d like, I’m still within my means to send out more letters and fun. I followed you so that we can exchange info via PM.

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sandra said

I used to have a few penpals when I was still in school (via an international school programme). (loooong ago now) It was so much fun.
I am in the Netherlands.
Love the idea, so hands up for me as well!

Nick select said

As with KittyLovesTea, I think international would be hordes of fun, I’m just unsure of the costs, but, ditto what i said there, assuming it’s not stupidly expensive to send tiny items and letters, I’d enjoy it! Of course, feel free to poke someone else if you want, I feel bad taking up all the tea pals!

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This is a great idea! I’d love to participate! Maybe we can organize a tea pal exchange program or something.

Nick select said

That’d be awesome if this grew into something larger. While I’m certainly greedy and will write to as many people as I can afford too, I’m well aware at the rate this is growing I’ll probably hit max capacity soon. As is I’m still more then open for a few more, or you all are more then welcome to begin coordinating amongst yourselves in this thread. :)

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This is a wonderful idea. I would love to have a tea penpal!

Nick select said

I don’t know if I’m allowed to send mail to New Jersey. xD

Just kidding, it’s a somewhat difficult to explain joke, a few friends of mine moved away from New Jersey and consider it taboo to even name the place. :P

I’m still able to take one or two more if you’re interested, or you’re welcome to try and poke one of the many other people in the thread. Let me know.

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Erin said

There is another pen-pal/ letter writing source, one that has been around for quite a while:


It is an actual paper publication, not on-line, so it does involve a little $ at first for a subscription. But because of how it is set up, it is also more secure than a lot of other resources. You write your letters, then mail them to the Letter Exchange, the the Letter Exchange forwards them on to the recipient. ID numbers are used. That way you do not have to reveal your private information (your address) until you feel comfortable doing so, if ever.

You start by placing or answering a “listing”- a short description of what you are interested in, what you would like to talk about, or even if you are interested in doing ghost letters- writing as a historical or fictional character.

Look at this link for a better idea of the listings/topics:

I have had a subscription on&off for several years now, and I have always thought it was well worth it. I think the little bit of extra $ and effort up-front (actually getting a subscription and waiting for the magazine to arrive) kind of helps weeds out a lot of people that are not really all that serious about it.

Nick select said

That’s very cool, I have a feeling I’m going to be writing a lot more then I’d previously imagined.

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graceatblb said

I would love a tea penpal. I love getting letters in the mail. There is something special about it, I think. I had a pen pal in middle school but we lost touch in college.

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gmathis said

As the child of a rural mail carrier, it does my heart good to know that there are still people who believe in the written (with a pen on paper) word!

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Claire said

I’m glad to see so many snail mailers here on Steepster! I am extending an offer to anyone who would like a penpal letter. Message me your address and I will write you! It may take me a week or two to get a letter out, but I promise you’ll see something in your physical inbox. ;)

Also, I will write international letters!

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This sounds like an awesome idea. It’d be neat to maybe set up a topic here with a list of people who are interested and if they’d want a penpal that likes similar teas/different teas etc. Since by now you must be inundated with people to write to by now Nick. XD

kinda got the idea but still looking up inundated

Nick select said

I don’t mind people using this thread, I’ve also got something steeping in the back of my brain xD (horrible tea pun for the win!).

I’m still willing to entertain one or two more tea-pals, but, I did want to give other people a chance. :)

Hm, I think I’ll take a stab at it. Haha..I’ll take that last (or 2nd to last) slot and see how it goes, Nick :D

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