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Looking for new Maple Teas to try!

I very much enjoy Butiki Maple Pecan Oolong, but would also love something a bit stronger (Less subtle, more mapley, I guess)

Not much for rooibos, Davidstea’s Oh Canada tastes mostly of rooibos to me so not really into that.

When Second Cup (I’m in Canada) comes out with their maple tea (and coffees) every year I go crazy, I know it’s in a bag but it’s tasty. They don’t sell it though.

Edit – Apparently Second Cup’s IS rooibos!? Maybe I will have to give Oh Canada another go.

Hoping some of you may have tried some that you could recommend!

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Sil select said

Della Terra has a maple tea (it might be rooibos..) that is like drinking liquid maple syrup. If that’s how intense you want the maple flavour :)

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I will have to try that! I know not ALL rooibos turns me off.

Thanks :)

Sil select said

Autumn Leaves is the one i’m thinking of, i think heh

Uniquity said

I found it tasted exactly like Oh Canada. Really good though!

In that case I can head over to Davids and try a cup of Oh Canada to go to see if my mind has changed. Actually I’ll hit up Second Cup while I’m there for their maple tea!

Uniquity said

Maybe they are steeping it more than you like in store. The longer rooibos sits the more ‘woody’ and ‘rooibos-y’ it gets. Of course, you may just not like it. :) Good luck!

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Lala said

This is the maple tea that I have. It is not terribly strong maple but it is a good balance with the green tea. This brand of coffee is also excellent.


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Josie Jade said

Angelina’s Tea has a really good Maple Blueberry. I just tried 52 Teas Pancake Breakfast and it has a strong maple syrup note, along with butter and a pancake flavor. I tried Tea Guys Maple Sugar and it was good, very sweet. So far the Angelina’s MapleBlueberry has been my fave! I wish I had put some of that in your swap!

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Frolic select said

52teas Pancake tea!

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I have tried the Pancake Breakfast and was disappointed with it! I didn’t taste maple at all with that one. So I’m thinking the Tea Guys Maple tea will probably be right up my alley :)
(maple sugar coma)

This Maple Blueberry one sounds super delicious also!

Thanks for the recommendations guys

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http://www.favatea.com has Maple Sugar as a looseleaf black selection. I bought it and remember that it had a definite maple taste but also had a bit of a malty taste (to me) so since I have so many teas I LOVE and I only liked this one I traded it away. But you might love it!

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Uniquity said

I just had Maple Tea from Culinary Teas. It wasn’t knock-your-socks-off good but it was decent maple with a black tea base rather than rooibos. My sample was pretty old so if you were able to try a newer blend of it, it might be much better.

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Tealux.ca has three maple teas. I’ve tried two of them and they aren’t bad. It’s nice that they have three of them though.

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seule771 said

Maple Blueberry Tea by Mlesna Tea, www.mlesnateas.com
Maple Tea by Metropolitan Tea Company

These two teas are very maple syrupy like; for aroma they are abundantly rich. Good luck and happy teas!

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