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Tea and Yellow Teeth

35 Replies
OMGsrsly said

I, uhh, crashed my bicycle and now have crowns for all my front teeth. It removes any worries about staining, to be sure, but it is not a recommended course of action. :)

Uniquity said

Really? I know a couple people with crowns and they are more concerned about staining. It may just be red wine specific, but I thought tea and coffee were a concern as well?

BoxerMama said

I’ll keep this in mind! lol

OMGsrsly said

I haven’t had any problems with mine, and I didn’t receive any warnings from the dentist. I do know I can’t use whitening toothpastes and such on them in case the abrasives remove the colour painting the tooth-artist-person put on.

OMGsrsly said

I mean, they are porcelain, but they’re also glazed. Then the colour (to match the other teeth) was glazed over top, and they were re-baked. That’s how the artist-person described it to me.

Uniquity said

Neat! I wonder if the people I know have ones made of a different material for some reason? Or maybe their dentists are over cautious, hah. My brother broke his two front teeth when he fell into a shovel handle as a kid, so he has crowns on those and they gave him some restrictions for food and discolorations. C’est la vie!

OMGsrsly said

That’s really interesting! I’ll have to ask the next time I go to the dentist.

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