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Show us your Tea Cupboard!

283 Replies
Cavocorax said

Ok – all my Black Friday teas are in so I just spent all day re-organizing my cupboard!

Here it is: http://oi40.tinypic.com/28u5q94.jpg

Let’s see what you guys have!

Ana said

OMG I love your Tardis!

OMGsrsly said

I love it! It’s so shiny and organized. :)

Cavocorax said

That TARDIS teapot was a present from my bf who hates Doctor Who, so it was really awesome that he chose it for me. The salt and paper shakers next to the kettle are also from him.

And OMGSrsly – I guess we’ll see how long it stays that organized!

OMGsrsly said

Currently my stove and counter are covered in samples that are airing out a bit, so really, most organization schemes are going to be better than mine. :D

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And here’s mine:

It actually almost always is that organised.
And, yes, I realise it looks like a Teavana store shelf… and that’s mostly because I get a nice discount there thanks to a friend, and also because I’m too impatient to buy things online sometimes; especially fragile things.

boychik said

This set up is so nice and organized. Thanks for sharing

Thank you!

pyarkaaloo said

you have nice teaware! i see Teavana’s red peony set (it was an infuser cup i think?) which is sadly discontinued :( i thought it was so gorgeous! and i see their Yixing pot too! and lots of nice glassware…soo purty!

Thanks and good eyes! I snagged that Red peony set(saucer, infuser, mug and tea canister) a couple of weeks ago during their “Heavenly sale” for maybe $8… absolute bargain! Their pots are nice, but the lizard one leaks and I’ll have to take it back. It’s the second time I’ve taken one of their yixing pots back. Think I’ll be grabbing a new zisha set this weekend from Teavivre to replace it.

Whenever I get a better camera I’ll take a better quality photo to show the stuff behind the stuff at the front, which isn’t that visible at this angle. It’s mostly more cups, another chawan, teapot warmer and things like that. But I’m particularly proud of the Orangey-Reddish box to the top Right of the photo. That’s a gogfu preparation box that I made myself. You can’t see it but behind the spout of the blue yixing teapot there is a drain hole to pour rinsed tea water into a catch cup. The silver medallion to the upper right has my initials engraved. The whole this is coated with 3 coats for polyurethane for waterproofing. Serves me just great!

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daisypies said

I finally can post my stash because I just upgraded it from a sad little shelf, littered with tins and suspicious baggies to something wonderful.

“Here is the Imgur album”:http://imgur.com/a/pSQ9Q

So happy that it looks more classy and neat so that people who come over see that I’m crazy, but also organized.

Cavocorax said

That looks great! Thanks for sharing so that I can drool over it.

David said

Very impressive….but who is drinking all that tea???

Sil select said

Nice! I need another reorg…..maybe Sunday.

daisypies said

I’m the one chugging all of it and forcing my boyfriend as well (he likes it now, he kinda has to). I’m on tea probation now. I can see that there is way too much tea there and it’s getting out of hand haha.

Lariel select said

Very nice. You should start a club or something.

Couldn’t help noticing – there is this tin that says ‘Kredens Herbata Mieszczanska’, and that’s in Polish! Since I’m from Poland I gotta ask you where you got it from and what it is exactly.

And wonderful setup! Hopefully I will have enough room one day to exhibit all my tea stuff instead of keeping it in plastic totes :(

pyarkaaloo said

oh myy…what an outrageous tea setup you have…it’s a veritable shrine! really beautifully furnished & organized…i spy Palais des Thés Fleur de Geisha in the tin! am i right? aannd Harney & Son’s White Christmas! so dying to try that! and i see the Ambessas.. i just purchased Choco Nut today.

you have a lot of H&S tins, very nice. and Kusmi’s!! also Ahmad’s tea…a CS Tension Tamer hiding on the bottom shelf lol..and you have so much DavidsTEA woww..!

ok i need to stop talking ;p

OMGsrsly said

Oh wow! Such a lovely display. :)

Kamyria said

Oh, wow… this is absolutely amazing… beautiful!! So nicely organized… I wish I could do that one day… :)

Kat Maria… good eye picking out that polish tea!! LOL I’m Polish too by the way :D

Kamyria, that’s awesome :D

daisypies said

Kat_Maria, I’m from Poland too! I got that particular tea in the Warsaw airport this summer. I wanted some Polish tea and that was the only place that actually sold what I was looking for. It’s just a black tea blend. It goes perfectly with some sugar and lemon, just how my family drinks it in Poland!

daisypies said

pyarkaaloo, The Mariage Freres tins are Darjeeling Princeton & Earl Grey Sliver Tips. I wish I could get my hands on more of them, but they’re so expensive and I’m not sure how the ordering/shipping works on their foreign website. I got mine from Williams & Sonoma and those are the only flavors they carry in my area.

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Pyroxy select said

So my stash isn’t nearly as…large as most of yours, but I’m still pretty proud of it. I seem to have procured a whole batch of samples, though, so I’m going to have to figure out a way to store those, as well.


boychik said

i love it. So neat. you should come and organize my mess. I’ll pay in tea ;)

ifjuly said

super impressive, what with the lightblocking mason jars! cute cute.

Pyroxy select said

@boychik I’d happily organize your mess – there’s nothing nicer than getting to sort tea…it’s how I calm down from long days at school. :)

@ifjuly The jars are actually just normal 1/2 pint and 1/4 pint mason jars coated in a few layers of chalkboard paint and baked at 400 for 45 minutes – it’s really easy to make them at home.

pyarkaaloo said

very nice….this looks like a comfy, cozy corner where a lot of alchemy takes place ;)

boychik said

my mane concern is where to put my numerous cakes of puerh, because it has tendency to absorb flavors. i cannot put them in tins or glass jars. They supposed to breath and dont get any roasted chicken/baked apple pie notes.

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TeaWings said

EDIT: New link working. Built out of about $10.00 of surplus and odd shelf bits from the local hardware store, the lighting is done using about 6 feet of sylvania LED strips with a remote control. I have it set to slowly rotate through all available colors, so it’s constantly changing (but very very slowly). Total cost, about $50.00 and one afternoon.

Glad to have my kitchen counter back!! And I don’t have to reach in the cabinets for the utensils over and over anymore, they’re right there ready to go!


Kamyria said

Wow! This is insanely beautiful. Good work!

boychik said

Very creative. Love it

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