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What should be my first matcha?

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Follow the appropriate brewing instructions, too much matcha and higher water temperature will result in a very bitter tea.
Also pay attention to the water volume, it is often overlooked.
If you do not like it, at least you know that you brewed it the right way.

Rachel J said


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Rachel J said

I got some Matcha Matsu from David’s today and prepared it simply: 1/4 tsp to 6oz warm water whisked up. I liked it! Kind of surprised at how much I liked it!

You can click my profile to see my tasting note. YAY!

Thanks for all the advice, folks!

wow, good for you! i did not like the warmed up MM that they mixed up for me at David’s but my aunt did. liked that same one much better with normal temp shaken at home :)

Uniquity said

At the DT near me they sometimes whisk in cocoa powder as well. That sounds really intriguing to me, though I think between cocoa and matcha I would want a little sweetener, which would be weird for me.

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I’m glad you liked it.
How about trying it in a more traditional way? Use 2/3 tsp, and 2 oz of warm water.

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Rachel J said

I know I made it very weak. Wanted to ease into it. :)

I will definitely try it stronger and stronger to see how I like it best.

or you can start out strong and then dilute as you go down the cup to find your sweet spot in one go if you are in a hurry :)

that way (stronger cup each time) seems to be better for caffeine regulation though. matcha makes my heart beat fast do very weak is just perfect for me ^^’

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