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PamDZ said

3 Day Diet-Using Tea to Curb Hunger

So, I have started on the 3 Day Diet this week. Since you are allowed to drink as much plain coffee, tea, or water as you want, I’ve decided to take that opportunity to OBSESS on Tea. I thrive on obsessions and compulsions and addictions ;0-Right now I am into Korean teas like Barley and Corn Silk. Then I also love Jasmine. SO I am so glad I found this place to learn everything about Tea! Since my diet is limited in flavors, I figured I might as well curb the appetite by trying different tea flavors.Headed now to my local tea merchant-Small town, hopefully I find something good. I am interested in the pu ’erh’s I’ve been reading about and want to also get something with Lavender. Also everyone’s talk about Oolong has got me excited to try and learn more of it-Just basic experiences from Chinese restaurants, I am sure does not justify it’s true quality. Here goes!

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Ramvling said

I’d avoid the three day diet. You’re mostly losing water weight, and suddenly lowering your calorie intake lowers your metabolism, so you might gain the weight back faster plus some. It’s how summo wrestlers get fat despite working out all the time. They starve themselves, them feast. But, nevertheless, best of luck to you!

Also any excuse to drink more tea is a good excuse!

PamDZ said

I love the 3 Day Diet-I have done it many times with much success-10 lbs in 3 Days-Plus you get close to 2000 calories so it really doesn’t lower it that much-Now some of that 10lb comes back but I would say average I lose about 12 lbs a month that stay off-I have done it after each one of my kids were born-There are a lot of 3 day diets out there too, this one is the one where they put patients on before heart surgery with my twist——https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Real-3-Day-Diet/162908743866270

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I’d try some guayusa – I find that tea makes me full! Though it’s pretty heavy on the caffeine, so be careful!

But yeah, I’m trying to be more of a lifestyle change type, well try to be. I try to eat well, sometimes, but I drink lots of tea instead of snack and do lots of strength training, which ups the metabolism.

PamDZ said

I am actually more sensitive to tea caffeine than coffee caffeine. I get more jittery from tea, so that one is probably bad for me. Although sounds cool, maybe in a small dose.

Uniquity said

Guayusa (and mate) aren’t actually tea as they are from a different plants. If tea and coffee affect you differently, guayusa and mate would be different again. :)

@pam. Interesting to hear this, I am the opposite, more sensitive to coffee, but usually it puts me to sleep a few sips in.

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LuckyMe said

I’m not really a fan of fad diets for weight loss but I think this might be a good way to detox.

PamDZ said

I know it definitely cleans out the system. After the first day, you notice,especially with fresh roasted beets and grapefruit— diet people are pretty much goofy,always with some different fad but I love this-It has taught me many things, like how to eat in smaller portions and more healthily. Then after a couple weeks of doing it greasy/fatty foods and sugary artificial drinks taste nasty. And it is actually a lot of food, so you do not starve. But I am a foodie so I need something like this new tea obsession to keep my mind off of just blindly snacking all day

I’m not a fan of fad diets at all….was raised on whatever one my mother was on in the month/season/year growing up…that said…I found “The Ultimate Tea Diet: Burn Fat and Lose Pounds Fast and Forever” by Mark Ukra….and LOVE incorporating themes into my life/cooking…granted I have no use for all the desert tea recipes it is loaded with :(

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PamDZ said

Just got back from the tea store—SO I pretty much got a variety of teas I had wanted to try—
OOlong: Iron Goddess of Mercy and Organic Citron Oolong
Green Tea Matcha
Bilberry Rooibos with Lavender
White Silver Needle
Earl Blue(Black w/Lavender
Green: Bangkok Green
Organic Jasmine Pearls—
Wish I could post pics here

Chizakura said

Which store did you go to? :) That rooibos sounds kinda interesting, hehe.

PamDZ said

I live in a small town, Hollidaysburg PA- the rooibos is was on sale $1.75/oz—the place is called Tea Merchant 101-I love the owner he’s great and very knowledgeable— I actually need to ask him what vendor he uses, maybe get a brand name or company name so I can add the tea types to my “Cupboard”

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BoxerMama said

Puerh makes me feel full. 2pm will roll around and I wont even realize I haven’t eaten.

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