PamDZ said

No Sugar Tonight in My Tea

Do most serious tea drinkers avoid sugar and other additives in their tea? I feel that if I am going to drink tea for its health benefits that I should avoid sugars and creams—But, are there certain teas that just NEED sweetened?

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Lala said

It is honestly up to your taste. I rarely put cream/milk in my tea but I sometimes use sugar, especially in herbal tisanes. And you don’t necessarily have to use cream and sugar. Many people use milk, soy milk, etc, and for sugar, there are many alternatives too.

See what you like best. Enjoying your tea is what it is all about!

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Obviously up to personal preference. However, even though I don’t normally add sugar to my tea, I have found that teas with spices or flavors often have those flavors enhanced by a little sugar. At least to my tastebuds.

No sugar to stand beside me.

john12 said

I’m glad I wasn’t the only person that thought of this.

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K S said

Very rarely do I use milk in tea. Almost always I use sweetener (Splenda). I like it and I think it often brings out subtleties I would otherwise miss. I normally drink the first part of the cup without additives when I review because sugar does sometimes mask flavors, just as it brings others out.

Sugar is only 16 calories/tsp. If you like it add it.

Strangely I never sweeten iced tea.

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Emily M said

As Nicole and Lala have said, there is no right or wrong way for a “serious” tea drinker to drink tea. There are just preferences. I usually don’t add sugar (especially to unflavored teas), but some flavored teas are actually enhanced (the flavors come out more) with a bit of sugar or a bit of cream. Butiki’s Watermelon Xylophone comes to mind – while it doesn’t need sugar to be tasty, a little pinch of it brings out the watermelon a bit more.
If you wanted to be more healthy, then I’d say either try adding less sugar, or try going without it. If that isn’t a big concern, though, and you prefer your tea with sugar, I say go for it. =)

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david said

Often you run into people that suggest sweeteners in tea is an abomination. I always disagree with them. I rarely put sweeteners in my traditional (non-blended) teas. I almost always put a little sweetener in my blended teas. At the end of the day – it’s up to you.

Oh, I always sweeten iced tea a little bit. I use home made simple syrup when I have it available or time to make.

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Pia M said

Well, call me gauche but I sweeten all my teas regardless. As well, as a matter of habit I also put cream in any of my black teas. Frankly, straight tea does not taste good to me. Again, I know some will think I am tacky and not a true tea snob because of my sweetening and cream habits, but that’s okay with me. I just don’t enjoy straight tea…..

Emily M said

To each their own. At least you’ve found a way you DO enjoy it! =)

Lynxiebrat said

Generally I don’t care much if someone thinks that about my tea habits or anything else. I’m very much a “Whatever floats your boat, sweethart!” kind of girl. I rarely put any sort of milk/milk product or alternative in my tea. Not because it seems wrong to me, but generally I just don’t like the taste of it in with my tea. Sweetener on the other hand:) I’ve tried many different types of sweetener to find 1 that I like the best with tea. And 2 that I use consistantly. 1.) Apriva (Kroger brand version of Splenda.) and German Rock Sugar. The 1st gets used frequently because we are rarely out, it’s cheap and there is a Kroger a mile from me.) the rock sugar, lol. It is $$ There is a store not to far, a Teavana’s but I have not been there in a long while and there are plenty of teas that I have not tried yet, but I need to save my money for some schooling.

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I grew up never adding sugar to tea – I totally thought it was really weird people would add sugar. Though really, thinking that is more of a cultural thing. People can add whatever they want – liquor, sweeteners, milk, chocolate syrup, whipped cream, fruit – with no haters.

Whenever I try a blended tea I will always try it with some sort of sweetener (rock sugar or honey) to see if I prefer the tea that way. Some I’ll take note that it tastes better with sugar, so I know for the next time I make it. You pretty much have to experiment and know your tastes. Most of the time, I prefer my tea unsweetened, but it really depends on my mood.

Iced tea, I use sweetener majority of the time.

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I rarely use sweetener anymore. The non-dairy milk I use for some black teas is all the sweet I really need. Rooibos needs no sweeteners.

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Chizakura said

Drink your tea the way you enjoy it. You’ll naturally start cutting down on the sweeteners over time. Case in point, when I first started drinking tea, I’d put a whopping three teaspoons of golden sugar in my tea in a 16oz cup. Now I put half of one teaspoon in, or depending on the tea, none. Even at that half a spoon, it’s beginning to feel like an indulgence and I suspect that I’ll enjoy my tea without any at all in the near future.
The key is drink what you enjoy, and then once it starts tasting SWEET to you, cut back a little bit and then rinse repeat.

This is what happened to me too.

Infussion said

:) Hugs and kisses to both of you :)

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Uniquity said

It’s all up to you! :) I rarely add sweetener to my tea and I never add milk (I loathe the stuff) but will occasionally add a bit of honey to ‘fix’ a bad tea. Drink what you love and love what you drink. :)

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