yssah said

What flavors are on sale at DavidsTea stores?

I’m guessing they are more or less the same per store…

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Lala said

Davids tea has free shipping over $50 when you order online US or Canada.

CREAM said

I don’t think they are on sale on the website though. They are 2 for $5 for the 25g pouches of the winter teas in store when I last checked.

yssah said

yes, those are only in stores. I called the store but I don’t think they can receive paypal or mail it for me :(

Nick select said

Yes ma’am, any in particular you want?

Just let me know, how long is the sale? I can stop by there tomorrow morning even. I’ll pick up however much of whatever you want~.

yssah said

Alryt! Hahahaha – hmmmmm. One of each of the flavors on sale, I guess? I dare not request the regular-priced ones as I have other teas to order ^^’ Pls let me know how much is the shipping for first class from usps.com too.

Thank you, Nick! You just made my day! :D

Nick select said

De nada. I will pick those up for you tomorrow and let you know shipping as soon as I can. It will likely be Monday before I can get the shipping quote, is that okay? Got a full day tomorrow and post office is closed Sunday. But, given all that, could get the shipping for you on Monday and possibly have it shipped Tuesday (or even get it shipped Monday if things go really quick :P)

yssah said

(looks up De nada) Wow, I learned me some Spanish too!

Oh, no rush..whenever is convenient for you :) Will also see about calling the store near you for what flavors are on sale in case they have a hundred (cant afford that much, lol)

Nick select said

http://www.yelp.com/biz/davidstea-chicago-2 Going to that DAVIDsTEA

3530 N Southport
(between Eddy St & Cornelia Ave)
Chicago, IL 60657
Neighborhood: Lakeview
(773) 360-1320

TeaLover58 said

I only wish I was close to a DT. Of course, it would probably be bad for my wallet. I feel like they always have something new, and I love their teas so much!
I can’t remember the exact story, but some guy has every single one of the DT flavors in whatever span of time by buying one of their drinks everyday he went to work. I feel like that could be me if I lived next to one of their stores. My boy friend already gives me a hard time because I always have packages coming from them in the mail…I can only imagine if they were in MD, USA!

yssah said

Davids has good quality tea. Their Earl Grey Cream outsteeped all the others I tried and the flavor is the most stable of all. Maybe not the yummiest but up there with the best!

I did read about a Canadian Steepsterite who has tried all the DT flavors. I imagine one every day would be nice but a ton at one time would not, lol. He probly just went in to taste what’s new and ended up buying everytime haha. Not a bad reward for a day’s work :)

i’ve tried them all too :D (it might have been easier for me though lol) in our stores 2/5 prepack rights now we have the winter collection, as well as stormy night, mamma mia, decaf earl grey and vanilla orchid!

yssah said

waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, lucky! thanks for the tip!

Ohhhh, Vanilla Orchid is on sale? I wish I lived closer to a store. I love that tea, and am running low.

yssah said

message Cavocorax :)

Speaking of DT sales, I got an email from them saying that if you go to their store wearing green tomorrow (St. Patrick’s day) you will get a free tea of the day! I hope it’s a good one tomorrow, cause I plan to take advantage. Perhaps I could hop around Manhattan and get a tea at each DT store? I’d better walk if I’ll be consuming all that caffeine. :D

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