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Do any online tea sites sell EMPTY tea tins?

Do any online tea companies sell empty tea tins? Or maybe even empty thicker plastic zip pouches ?

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I’ve been directed here in the past http://www.specialtybottle.com/index.aspx though shipping sucks, but cheap if you need lots.

empty tins from tea companies, a number of them do:
http://www.harney.com/teaware/harney-logo-ware-and-wear.html couple sizes
http://www.davidstea.com/tea-tins various colours
http://zentealife.com/index.php/teaware/teawares-type/tea-accessories/tea-storage-tins.html really pretty ones
http://www.nmteaco.com/Tea-Canisters_c_170.html colourful ones and interesting ones

Though – I get my own tea tins from IKEA. it’s like $4 for 3 good sizes ones.

I just got those ones from Ikea the other day. I really like the ones on zentealife. Probably purchase a couple of those soon :-)

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KallieBoo! said

Adagio has some nice ones. http://www.adagio.com/pantry/tins.html

Personal preference but I hate that adagio’s use plastic.

The Adagio through that link are plastic? They look like tin from here…

Tea Sipper – The tops are UV-blocking coated plastic. The rest is metal.

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Oh nice. All of these are good ones I hadn’t known about before. Though, anyone can keep listing any others they know about!

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Pia M said

I just found some at Simpson & Vail. They have lovely knobbed tin canisters that have a “Tea” emblem on the front. They are $4.50 each and hole 3-4 oz of tea. Stock #A1195.

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Also, does anyone really think the clear Adagio lids are UV protected? Can’t some light still get in them? Probably more than a non-clear lid would?

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I’ve heard this site has pretty good containers, especially the TLAT6 one. Haven’t tried them myself though.
Also, if you weren’t specifically set on using tins, I found that glass mason jars in various sizes work pretty well. And you can keep light away by painting/covering the outsides. I’ve seen some people use blackboard paint so they can write what tea is inside.

Dinosara said

Love my TEAT4 tins… Perfect for 100g/4oz of tea, and the top fits nicely. I like that they don’t have any ridges or anything around the edge of the lid, so they pack nicely in a cupboard.

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I really like these from adagio. They are glass, but UV protected. I like to be able to see my teas. They’re a little pricier though.


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Uniquity said

I love the Davids tins and also the Harney and Sons tins. You can buy both of those empty.

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Emily M said

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