Good teas in the grocery

So what grocery teas would be interesting to pick up at the following stores?

TJ Maxx
Big Lots
Grocery Outlet

Hmmmm…where else?

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Lala said

A lot of book stores in my area sell tea. Like Chapters and Indigo. Also places like Winners and Homesense.

lucky! :)

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Cost Plus World Market. It’s not grocery really, but they have a nice variety.

Which teas would you recommend?

They mostly have bagged teas, actually. Lots of Republic of Tea, which my housemates like to drink.

I like the store brand Masala Chai.

second! The one near me always has samples of a coffee and tea. You get to pour the sample yourself, so I end up drinking lots of it while I lurk around the store.

James R said

Their house brand “World Market Keemun” is good.

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momo said

Whole Foods! Depending on the store you can find Adagio, Octavia Teas, Mighty Leaf, Republic of Tea, Rishi, some also have bulk teas too.

Oh, I forgot them! There’s also New Leaf. Though that might just be in California.

unfortunately, the nearest WF to me doesnt bulk tea..but which teas would you recommend from them? it can help those who have these available :)

momo said

They’re all different even in the same area..

lteg select said

I second the Whole Foods recommendation. In one of my local stores I stumbled upon locally imported teas including the most reasonably priced Matcha I’ve ever seen and a pu-erh cake!

Dustin said

^Oh! I’m curious now! Do you mind sharing where local is for you?

lteg select said

Redmond, WA (a part of the greater Seattle area). Tienxi is the local company. They don’t import a very wide range, but the stuff they do bring is well priced.

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K S said

If you are lucky you might find Barry’s or PG Tips, both worthy of a try. they might even have PG Tips loose boxed.

Twinings – an obvious choice.

Our local stores now stock a small amount of Tazo, Yogi, and Celestial Seasons. I find all to be very hit or miss and more often on the miss side (as in I don’t like them).

I have to go out of town to find it but Ahmad is a personal favorite.

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yyz said

Around here there is actually quite a lot of loose tea if you are willing to look. At the local grocery stores I can find Twinnings, sometimes Nourish Teas, Uncle Lees, Stash, Bewleys, Hyleys, Strauss and Madea-on.

Also nearby there are several grocery stores serving several ethnic communities whereI can find several Polish Brands of Loose Tea, Indian Teas ususally several brand and private label ctc’s from India and Kenya, Liptons full leaf, occassional boxed estate teas usually Lopchu, and various styles of green tea, Chinese and Japanese teas of various Brands, and various others. There are also loose teas available at winners, homesense, and chapters ( sometimes Harney and sons, sloane teas, Tea forte, Luv, occassionally others). Whole Foods near where I live has Rishi, Four o’clock teas (mainly unflavoured styles of chinese teas), Tealish, Nourish, Cjay Tea, and a brand that sells Tulsi blends. There are also a few smaller places selling loose tea.

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Wegmans has a pretty great selection (Republic of Tea, Mighty Leaf, Celestial Seasonings, Stash, Twinings, etc), though they only have locations in the northeast US.

Lots of supermarkets (in New Jersey at least) have international food aisles with a selection of British & Irish imported teas.

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TJ Maxx, Marshall’s and Big Lots all seem to have a rotating stock. I’ve picked up tasty teas at Marshalls and Big Lots in the past but they were things other stores had discontinued. I think I got a pretty good Char Brew haul from Marshall’s once!

oooh, what flavor was it?

Strawberry Ceylon! It was real good, too

i wanna go get one soon!

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Dustin said

In TX there is a store called Central Market that has a pretty large selection of loose leaf teas in bulk. The store has a very similar feel to Whole Foods.
Specialty or high end grocery stores are a good bet too.

i was wondering what are the high end grocery stores here in the US

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gmathis said

Local Big Lots recently had several varieties of Twinings loose leaf.

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OMGsrsly said

I like Yorkshire gold as a base for iced tea in the summer. I hot brew it with a pinch of baking soda, then add all sorts of fruits to it. Oranges, lemons, limes, berries, apples, pears, etc. I currently have bags, but it does come loose. London Drugs seems to carry it in Canada.

baking soda! that is an idea :)

OMGsrsly said

It cuts the acidity! Just don’t use very much at all or you’ll wonder what the weird taste is. :)

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