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bookshark said

Has anyone tried the new Lipton?

I was catching up on tv over the weekend, and I saw ads for the new, improved Lipton several times. Now I’m curious, even though I’m not likely to buy. Has anyone tried it and compared it to the old one?

One of the ads in question: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bPbtFeXngtk

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I got a free sample of it but it must have been old cause the expiration date was LAST YEAR. and it was gross!

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and what the HECK is “fresh pressed” tea leaves? some one explain that one!!? I know of ground tea, twisted tea, rolled tea…. but “pressed”? :/

Angrboda said

Puerh cakes are pressed, I believe. Although I will admit that this is not really something that springs to mind when someone says ‘Lipton’…

I have a feeling the mean something else… A pressed/brick tea would be something like you’d find in a solid form, this stuff is in a tea bag, so I don’t think it’s the same as puerh.
I wish they would specify what they mean by fresh pressed: is it a new system of rolling, are they pressing the juice out of the tea leaves and then combining it with already dried tea, are they squashing the leaves instead of rolling, or something I have yet to think of. I should email them and ask.

Angrboda said

You are probably right. :) My brain won’t even allow me to attempt to imagine a pu-erh cake nugget inside a cheap paper tea bag. It rebelled and showed me a bowl of oranges instead. ;)

If they reply, do please let us know. :)

Chizakura said

Somehow the thought of a puerh cake stuffed inside a teabag is really funny. Especially since we’re talking about Lipton. xD Do they even know what a puerh cake IS?

Okay, I’m a bit snobby. o_o; I apologize. It’s easier for me to tease them since I don’t have any nostalgia for them.

" My brain won’t even allow me to attempt to imagine a pu-erh cake nugget inside a cheap paper tea bag." :D
That just made my day. I did email them this:**** I see you have a new tea, that is made with “fresh pressed” tea leaves.
What exactly are “fresh pressed” tea leaves?
Are they the same as raw (green/Unaged) Pu-erh, are they the same as Ripe (black/aged) Pu-erh, is this a new style of processing (like some whole loose leaf teas are rolled in a ball or twisted, others are crumbled or “broken” pieces.), or possibly you’ve taken fresh tea leaves and squeezed the juice out of the leaves and freeze dried it? and then added that freeze dried tea leaf juice to the tea in your regular tea bags?

If it takes you a while to come up with an answer, I am happy to wait for a proper answer, but please respond with something more specific than “the leaves have been pressed”.
Thank you! Have a wonderful day!

Oh, I feel so sorry for the customer service reps. They will probably have to go google Pu-erh now. ROFL. I can see it now. Hopefully an intelligent answer surfaces within the next couple of days.

Chizakura said

Ha! That’s awesome SenchaMatcha. xD It was both bratty and polite at the same time. If they respond to you, I’d like to see their answer.

Angrboda said

Chizakura, I know what you mean with nostalgia. I’m free of that too when it comes to Lipton. Although… I grew up with Pickwick and that’s pretty much cut from the same cloth, to be honest. Still, if for some reason I were to buy a box of teabags and I could only choose between Lipton and Pickwick, I’d take Pickwick any day. Lipton would have to show me something really intersting to make me do otherwise. :)

Chizakura said


Same with me. When I was doing a semester of college a while ago, I was in a tea bind. The selection was limited, I snatched up some Lipton. I drank it because I wanted tea so woefully badly, but it wasn’t good. Dx; And I had much lower standards back then than I do now. So they’d have to give me a really really good reason to try out anything from them, even if it is supposedly “new and improved.”

I can’t wait to hear the reply to that email! I hate Lipton Tea! So many diners and cafes around here only serve Lipton. It’s awful!

Chizakura, I have mastered that art. The art of respectful rebellion. Or some could call it passive aggressive.
I grew up on decafe lipton, But I added 1/4 cup milk and 2 tsp sugar. I must be british! :) So when I feel nostalgic I might make some lipton. Though now I much prefer oolong made from sinensis. I have discovered through some experimentation that I really really loath Assam. If lipton made a Sinensis black tea I would buy it and drink it as my quick everyday tea when I am too lazy to mess with a teapot or green tea.

Dinosara said

All I know about it is that I tried for a while to find more information online about the “new” blend including about the processing of the leaves when I wrote my April Fools Lipton tasting note, and the information on the internet consists entirely of only stuff from one press release (which says nothing, really). Good luck on getting an answer, I’m interested too!

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Ok, I am finally back with an answer! yay!
They take fresh “high quality” tea leaves and press the “scent” out of the leaves, they then use the “scent” in their new tea blend.

So… it sounds like they take raw tea leaves, squish them, and then mix the liquid with their tea leaves (probably after they have CTC-ed but before baking/firing) to intensify the taste.

Wow. That’s messed up. Scented with quality… Thanks for asking them.

bookshark said

I don’t even know how to react to that, I’m so bewildered. It would make more sense to me if they’d said “flavor” and not “scent.” It sounds like they’re using fresher, higher quality tea leaves like an enhancement to their regular blend, almost.

But what is their definition of “high quality” leaves? I mean…. this is lipton (floor sweepings anyone?).
Scent could also refer to Essential Oil, maybe they are removing the essential oil from the leaves? The lady wasn’t too clear but atleast I got a decent answer out of her.

Angrboda said

My mind, she is boggled…

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Whatever the process is, it doesn’t sound good.

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Rie said

The most amusing thing for me is that, in the linked video/advertisement, not once does the brand ambassador actually look at her so-beloved cup of tea.
Brightens her day, sure. :D

Second most amusing thing is that the still-full cup of tea isn’t steaming; I wonder how insipid and lukewarm that specific cup got during the filming of this terribly lukewarm ad. (^ v^);

Lala said

And also how she pretends to “sip” the tea at the end.

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Lala said

I find it very odd there there is nothing about this on the Lipton website. You would think that they would have a big announcement on it, www.Liptontea.com.

I know. It’s like they think we are all stupid or something:
oh, these simple minded ones, we’ll just tell them this “____” in our commercial and they will believe us. teehee silly consumers.

They really should have been more detailed in the commercial, maybe showing the new innovate process or something.

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What’s new is Unilever’s attempt to market and connect to “Millenials”


Think positive!

Lala said

You mean “Drink Positive!” Ha ha.

Ah, Lala, obviously you are one of those bright young things infused with optimism and dynamism, who looks on the bright side of life, so emblematic of the life embracers who are much younger than current Lipton users.

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I tried the black currant/vanilla herbal one. It was ok, for a sachet tisane. Too heavy on the hibiscus but then I expected that, and for it to be terrible… but instead it was decent, a pass at the very least. Mind you, I don’t know if the same “pressed” process applies here so who knows!
Either way, I find it disturbing that the “bio” bags remain in tact even after being in compost for ages… or so I’ve read elsewhere here on Steepster :/

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