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Nick select said

Showing off~

Or something like that ;)

I’ve told a few people how obsessed i’ve been with tea, and the fact that i’m pretty new overall.

I finally collected everything I’ve gotten in the past two months into one spot.


I’m so sad! lol. Right after I set this up, a package from starfevre arrived containing a few tins of teabags that he wasn’t fond of that I thought I’d like. My collection photos are incomplete! Must fight the ocd. :P

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Epic! :D And very organized, too. Kudos

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Uniquity said

Aaaaaand now I am subscribed to r/tea. :)

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PamDZ said


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hahaha, you’re welcome. and also ‘she’.

Nick select said

Meep, my bad, sorry bout that. Not sure why I thought otherwise.

I would think the cat picture would give it away grin

Nick select said

I figured out why I thought that, it’s because of the name on the package you sent. You put only your last name, and I assumed from that. :)

Ah, yes, that would do it. I use free stickers from charities that want me to donate money and that’s the sticker of the month. Sorry about that.

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K S said

Impressive! My collection is so anemic compared to yours, and my wife thinks I need an intervention :)

teapot1 said

Same here! My tea corner is about 1/4 of Nick’s size. My son came to visit and looked at me also like I needed an intervention. However, I will say that after he left I did cease with the nearly daily purchases…BUT! That same son has now began to add tea to his daily coffeehouse purchases and told me that it is not nearly as good as what I served him:)…

Nick select said

My bad part is, with the move I made to Chicago, tea is kind of my comfort thing, so I’ve definitely gone overboard. But, on that same line, it’s my only current ‘hobby’. Everything else is still back in Arkansas. :P I definitely need to curb the tea spending though, but, I think some people still spend more on their hobbies.

teapot1 said

I’m much the same in that respect. I don’t have any vices at this point in my life, and I don’t spend on hobbies per se. I am more than alright with the money I spent getting started with tea! And, thinking about and planning my next purchase is pretty fun:).

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seule771 said

I am not viewing photos but I will take your words for your collections. At times it seems like I have quite a bit of tea and at other times (blah, blah,) they have become since already opened and tried.

One good thing is that because I do not open things at once; it is a nice surprised when I do open a package from months earlier to find something I had forgotten that I ordered and I think; wow, new teas…hooooray!

Sorry, I am not into swapping teas. I have several boxes of unopened Orange Pekoe, I should donate them perhaps; I am not sure what the topic was. No matter, happy teas!

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I love those argo teas jars/containers.

Nick select said

Those are particularly neat, I’m doing low carb, so, I basically buy the teas at 2.50$ from the convenience store nearby, let my co-workers drink the tea, and I take the empty bottle. Costs the same as a tin from DAVIDsTEA, but, it’s just a little bit more versatile. I intend to get some socks or other fabric and create glass tea storage cozies with badge holders sewn in so I can print out little cards for whatever tea is contained inside.

goodness…you are ocd! hahaha.

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Rachel J said


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Don’t worry, OCD is very common among us Tea Lovers :-)
Nice collection you have there!

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Dr Jim said

If you want to see OCD, I’ll show you my 9-page tea spreadsheet. Sigh

i use thebrain software so no spreadsheets :)

Kaylee said

Am I a bad person for actually wanting to see that? It sounds awesome.

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