free sample on Medium-roasted Wuyi Da Hong Pao Rock Oolong tea, by JK Tea Shop

Hello guys,

We set up another free sample project on the medium-roasted Wuyi Da Hong Pao rock oolong tea from JK Tea Shop. Here is the introduction on this tea.

10 g free samples packed by aluminum foil bag.
Delivery option: Sent by HK air delivery without tracking No., cost of USD1.7
Quota: 10 people(10 samples). First come, first serve.
Destination: All over the world, as long as HK air delivery will deliver to.
Duration: April 2 to April 7.
We will send out all these samples on April 8.

Pls let me know if you are interested in.
Pls state you are in first, then we will make a list of the applicants and send our paypal account information to you.

JK Tea Shop

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I am interested but I am based in Shanghai, China. Can I still apply for the free sample?

Hi Shanghaiedflip,

Yes, Pls send private message to me on your address. Then I will arrange the delivery to you. Delivery cost will be collected. Will be RMB9. ~~~Pls let me know.

Can’t seem to send a PM so I just sent an email to your gmail address.

Cait select said

Ooh! (I will be good and let someone else claim this sample since I got one of the previous ones, but ooh, that sounds really good!)

Dont worry, Cait. Since it first comes, first serves. Our purpose is to share good tea with people around the world with reasonable price.

Cait select said

Well, if you don’t fill up on other takers, count me in, then! I just don’t want to be greedy…. :)

Hi Cait,
It is easy to send you two teas in a package.

Cait select said

Well, I won’t say no, then! Thank you! Should I send more money to cover the extra postage?

Doulton said

I am interested, plese!

Hey Doulton, Yes, you are in now. Talk to you soon.

If you are still looking for your 10 FREE SAMPLE people I would LOVE to receive one! I’m in the US…is that ok!?

Hi TeaEqualsBliss,
You are in.

Hello Guys,

Thanks for your support.
ShanghaiedFlip , we have already sent the samples to you. Pls check.

Cait and Doulton, we will arrange the delivery upon receipt of delivery cost payment. Pls see the paypal account in the PM message in your mail box in steepster.

Pls state the delivery address, name, zip code in the paypal transaction.

Thank you.

JK Tea Shop

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