help finding a Korean Tea (O'Sulloc)

So I’ve fallen in love with a tea I got in a swap called Jeju Sweet Brown. I’ve poked around on their site, but not knowing Korean is holding me back. There are several labeled Jeju Sweet Brown like this one but I’m not sure if there is a difference among them.

Anyway, I would love to know where I can get ahold of some, or if I could pay a Korean Steepsterite to send me some. Anyone?

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who did you swap with? they would be the most likely to have the answers :)

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Oooh, I wanna try some! From looking around O’sulloc is korea’s largest tea producer too! They got quite a bit of tea and a number of blends.

I go to Korean markets often in the LA area, if I see it I’ll snag some. I’m learning Korean, but I’m still quite a beginner.

that would be awesome!

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yyz said
MikeBCN said

Hi everyone. I also discovered osulloc’s Sejak tea while on Jeju island. I’m desperate to get hold of some here in Spain, but the only way seems to be via their website. As you so kindly pointed out, the main page is available in English, but their “mall” page is only in Korean. I wrote to the email address (in English) a week ago, and no reply. Baffling really. If anyone has any suggestions, they would be gratefully received. Thanks. Mike in Barcelona

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Stella select said

Looks like they have three different packaging – regular, christmas, and valentine’s day editions. But they are all same. A square box one has 10 pyramid sachets, and the one you linked has 40g of loose leaves. If you want to checked all of them out, copy, paste, and search 제주 스위트 브라운 :)

Stella – did I just swap with you? :)

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