PamDZ said

Pu erh Brew Time and Amount?

Self Exp—Pu erh brew time and amount per cup?

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PamDZ said

really i was just reading only 5-10 secs?

PamDZ said

Well I posted the question a little late already dropped my tea ball in -I brewed for about 2-3 minutes I think Don’t know what I was scared of. I t definitely has a hay /farmy/light basment-y flavor, but its actually a pretty subtle tea . Is that how it is supposed to taste? I just bought a plain Pu erh from my local tea merchant(no brand name, sold by oz)

tperez said

Taste sounds right! It should be mellow and a bit earthy/farmy etc.

Around 5-10 seconds is good if you’re using a gaiwan, yixing or just a bit of water in a mug, but 3ish minutes sounds right for a larger mug or teapot brewing. :)

Will said

It’s like anything else. It depends — on the quality and type of the tea (in the case of pu’er, whether it’s sheng or shu, the age), your personal preference, how many infusions you want to drink, and so on.

mrmopar said

Agreed with the posts by Will and Mr. perez, by any chance did you rinse the tea first? Also the ratio of tea to water can affect the flavor and steep times as well as the amount of infusions from the tea.

Sammerz314 said

I use about 8 grams of puerh in a 180 ml yixing teapot. My steeps are usually about 5-10 seconds.

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