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"Spring Snow" Book and Tea Club

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What are your thoughts on the author. He is an absolutely fascinating person! look him up on wikipedia. (I would link it but I’m on my phone right now)
He apparently finished this quartet and then committed seppuku (ritual suicide) after a failed coup d’état. Speculations on his motivations?

Serenity said

I was reading about him when I first got the book, and was very interested in his life. I always feel very, very sad to read that someone has taken his own life. I read elsewhere that the author does not have a good reputation in Japan, I don’t recall where, it was in a comments section somewhere online. I was surprised at that. I don’t know if that is true.

I wonder what events in his life led him to want to commit seppuku. He must have been extremely charismatic as he had two others helping him.

Serenity said

Yes, I wonder. I have heard that there is a correlation between bipolar disorder and creativity, and that there is a high number of writers who have suffered from this. I can’t help but wonder.

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Serenity said

Not much discussion going on, I’m starting to get that ‘what book should we read next’ feeling! Hope you all are having a great weekend! Happy Mother’s Day to all who are celebrating. : )

How does that process work? Maybe we can pick something easier to get into. :)

Just start making suggestions for books.

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Suggestion for next book:
Hot Tea by Sheila Horgan
Right now, this first book in the series is free!

Here is the link for books one through four bundled:

Here is a link for books five through eight in a discounted bundle:

Serenity said

Free! Free! Just ‘bought’ it and it will come to my daughter’s ipad. Whether we read it for this group or not (and I’d be happy to) I am looking forward to reading it!

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Josie Jade said

Thanks for the suggestion, threewhales! Anyone else have any books to suggest? Lets take suggestions until next Tuesday and the boom with the most votes wins! :)

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teapot1 said
Serenity said

Oh, I remember reading the first couple of these a few years ago! Pretty neat idea for a series, don’t you think?

Uniquity said

We actually did the first one of those in the book club of a year or two ago, but I think it didn’t go beyond the one book? (the club, that is). It was a nice read but I remember being annoyed by some tea related factual errors. :)

This sounds pretty neat I would love to join this upcoming read!

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Serenity said

A Northern Light by Jennifer Donnelly, a genre crossing coming of age novel involving a real life murder mystery, history and romance. It’s on my list so I’ll suggest it as a possibility.

Another on my list is Mansfield Park by Jane Austen. Her most autobiographical book, it is the least romantic of her novels, and at first it was far from a favorite but I’ve since fallen for Mansfield Park for its quiet and strong heart, the insights into character and true love. I just re-read Persuasion and I just love that novel so much, so I guess I could suggest that as well if there are any Austen-philes here.

Persuasion is a good book, slow at first, but really good in the end.

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Serenity said

I just ‘discovered’ Josephine Tey a few months ago and read my first one. This will do on my list of to-reads for sure. Thanks!

“A classic British mystery.”

“The New York Times One of the best mysteries of all time.”

“Boston Sunday Globe The unalloyed pleasure of watching a really cultivated mind in action! Buy and cherish!”

This book is calling me:)

Serenity said

This book is right at the top of my list, I have ordered it from the library.

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I would love to join the next read!

Welcome aboard:) feel free to jump right in!

Phoebe said

I just found Steepster and just found this group… I ’d love to read the next book, too. Are there guidelines I should know about? Regardless of the title chosen, I already have titles I plan to add to my “save” list at my library…thanks for the suggestions!

Serenity said

Hi Phoebe! We just agree on a book, a time to discuss the book, and then take it from there. We also share teas, swapping or just commenting on what teas we are drinking and so on. Glad you are joining.

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teapot1 said

Is Daughter of Time the next selection? Sounds great to me!

We will continue taking suggestions until Tuesday.
The book with the most votes wins:)

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As long as I can buy a paperback copy of the book then I don’t mind what we read :)

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