What is it with tea and cats? or "I want to have a cute kitty as my Steepster profile pic too!"

just sayin’ ^^

oh, and if you have any cute kitty pix that can be posted..would you pls share them?

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Uniquity said

I think cats just rule the internet.

agreed :)

Erin said

As they should :)

I can tell you, out in the world of animal rescue, it is still dominated by dog people. For every 5 volunteers, 4 are rescuing dogs, and only 1 is rescuing cats.

Chizakura said

Heh, they rule the whole world, not just the Internet. :) Good kitties.

Uniquity said

Maybe I should make my princess (Emma) my pic. I rescued her from my mother’s barn (someone dumped a pregnant cat) and have been her Mama ever since. She’s nearly 5 and still an only cat. I don’t think she would appreciate siblings, but when we move into a larger home we may rescue another. Hopefully she accepts her new kitty brother or sister!

TeaRunner said

A feral cat had her kitties in our neighbors’ woodpile. Pretty soon all three kitties just moved in with us. The mother just stops by to eat and stays in when Nor’Easters hit…

Nick select said

Almost every single one of my animals is a rescue from a shelter.

2 cats, 3 dogs, 2 ferrets, 2 lizards (out of 5). :P Does this qualify me as not a ‘dog person’ :P

RiverTea said

I am more a dog person to be honest.

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david said

Ooooo cats do just rule the internet.
Have you seen our little mascot? follow us on instagram. her name is neliah. f4 savannah.

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forsythia said

“I’m just doing my job holding up this here old outhouse”.


Emily M said


nice captioning, haha!

forsythia said

Here is my other cat, Pretty, a rescued feral. This was taken a year ago when she was just beginning to get friendly and I probably have posted the photo before.

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david said
Emily M said

Very cute kitty! My cat used to play when she was little, but now she’s just lazy.

one word: catnip!

Emily M said

Haha, yssah. That makes her hyper for about five minutes, and then she crashes and falls asleep. She’s such a lump!

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My coworkers mock me everyday for just wanting to go home and drink tea and hug my cat. If my cat snuggles with me while I’m drinking tea, my day is made. He’s perfect. He’s grey, and almost 1 year old now!! His favorite animal is an ant and his favorite toys are plastic bottle caps and full rolls of paper towels. Oh I just love him!!

my cousin’s cat loves to play with plastic bags ^^

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Emily M said

Cats rule! Nothing better than cuddling with a kitty and drinking some delicious tea! In fact, I’m doing exactly that right now!
When I lived in a dorm at school, I had about 10 pics of my cat above my bed. And that is how I became known as “The Cat Lady of Randall 4B”.
Here are some pics of my kitty, Kaya:

Awww. Sleepy kitty. :)

happy kitty…(someone catch the next part!)

Emily M said

Purr, Purr, Purr =)

Hahaha :)

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KallieBoo! said

My cat loves to sniff every single cup of my tea before I drink it. This is Foofy being silly with her favorite string toy:

I’m getting “page not found” from your link.

Emily M said

Same here. =(

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Cats get a lot of love, but what about chinchillas?



Eventually the hubby and I will be adopting a pig, weimaraner, and pit bull. I’m very allergic to kitties but I love all the kitty photos.

Emily M said

Aww! Chinchillas are cute, too. My aunt used to have one…so soft!

He is very soft. Mr. C is about 17 years old now. He has a very gentle nature and is super smart. :)

Emily M said

Wow. I had no clue they could get that old!

The average life span is 16 years old but can potentially live up to 30 years. I can tell that he is much slower now and gets tired quickly but he still hops around when he tires out he comes over to snuggle by me.

Emily M said

Awww. Sounds like a great companion. Many more healthy years to Mr. C! =)

He is! Thanks :)

Emily M said


Super cute yssah! There is a party chinchilla picture in there. I have no idea how they could possibly stage that. Getting a chinchilla to sit still or do what you want him to do is nearly impossible.

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My three kitties, slightly blurred.

watching tv? :)

Nope, I had to shake a bag of treats over their heads. Not that they don’t enjoy watching tv!

Chizakura said

EEEE! So cute! I have an adorable kitty too. :) I should post a picture of her sometime. I wish she’d allow me to have more cats, ha! She’s made it QUITE clear that other pets aren’t welcome.

(unless of course it’s a bird or a fish. ;) )

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Cats are our overlords. They thrive when we pay attention to them.

…and some scratch and bite at your ankles for kicks early in the morning, like my friends’ cat.

My friend’s cat loves me but is a little aggressive. Sometimes when I try to leave, he full grips my leg until bleeds. He literally wraps himself around my leg. I think cats love me so much because they somehow know I’m very allergic to them.

OUCH. Does his claws ever get trimmed? If my friends’ cat is too much to handle, they just pick him up and toss him. No harm.

I’m not sure. I hope so. My friend took him in from a shelter when he was already a couple years old. I’m thinking he has some abandonment issues. He just doesn’t like when I leave.

Awwwwww poor thing :( Rags (the cat) is from the shelter also. He loves visitors (and clawing their ankles). When my friends adopted him, as a kitten, he had ringworm, which they then got from him.

He sounds like a little cutie. Ewww, that doesn’t sound very fun.

I’ve done the ringworm thing. Majorly majorly sucks. Special meds and treatments for the kitties and the house. Tough Actin Tinactin clears it up in people though.

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