What is it with tea and cats? or "I want to have a cute kitty as my Steepster profile pic too!"

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“A dog may look at you and think, ‘You feed me, you pet me, you shelter me, you love me — You must be god!’

On the other hand a cat can look at you and say, ‘You feed me, you pet me, you shelter me, you love me — I must be god!’"

- Cat & Dog Theology

Chizakura said

Haha! That is SO true. I love cats, so. I love that attitude of theirs. :)

Funny a trait that is INFURIATING in humans, is so adorable in kitties. :D

true! lol

Chizuraka- so true! I think their adorable size gives them a free pass for almost anything.. those huge eyes in their little face, tiny paws and a tail? Can’t say no to that.

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Nick select said

I will have to poke the wife to see if I can get pictures of our two cats. :)

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Cavocorax said

Here’s my cat: http://imgur.com/a/XCk6l#4
She’s super fat and cuddly, and she hates nearly everyone but us, yet we love her like crazy. I added the last picture to show you how small she was when she was a kitten.

Emily M said

Awww! So cute!

good camera + cute kitty = awesome!

btw Cavocorax, it was your kitty profile pic that pushed me to finally want to find a cute kitty pic for my profile :)

i was like…wha…everybody’s getting cat pix!

Cavocorax said

Hahah. Glad I inspired you! Then we can all share the fuzzy love.

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Tea and cats: Tea cats! :-p

Our boys love everything delicious, comfortable and fine, so when we introduced them to tea, they couldn’t resist. Plus, Loki loves sticking his little nose over the pot after the water’s boiled… kitty spa!

Here he is, presiding over a recent tea session:

ooooh, kitty spa!

I know! Terribly cute. Loki sure does love his ME time..

Every single time he puts his nose up to the kettle, he sneezes. But stills he comes back to it every day! Then he’ll go curl up by the heater. =^.^=
Can’t argue with cat logic..

irresistably cute! falling for your Loki ^^

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I’m so happy that there are so many tea lovers who are cat lovers! We have a gray and white tuxedo cat and we absolutely adore him! He loves playing with crumpled up pieces of paper and plastic bottle caps (and even fetches sometimes). Whenever we open the fridge door, he reaches in and pulls down the deli meat onto the floor and then looks at us, which makes it very hard to resist giving him some meat! He also gives the best nose kisses!

nose kisses! i have yet to try that with a cat

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I have four fluffy angels. Two are cats that I rescued myself personally. Honey was advertised online on a sales site and if she didn’t get picked up that weekend they were going to put her down. Not on my watch! And Cassie was advertised on a local newspaper but when we went to pick her up she was much younger than she should have been and she was also riddled with fleas and the worst case of ear mites the vet had seen. Poor thing was in a cage. :(



And then my boys are the newest additions. They turned 1 year old last month.



Emily M said

Ebony & Ivory…haha
They are soo cute! Good on you, for rescuing them! That’s one of the most rewarding ways to get an animal. =)

that black nose! it’s so distinguished :D

They all look like they have such strong personalities! How could anyone let these guys go??? Glad they could be part of your family.

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momo said

There’s a neighborhood cat where my boyfriend lives. Everyone likes to take care of him, and I call him Cat, someone else says they call him Big Kitty. Here he is with a catnip toy I got for him: https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-prn1/14746_4320377176631_1065572110_n.jpg

And one of his favorite hangout spots: https://sphotos-b.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ash3/541933_4320375816597_145553687_n.jpg

And one more, when he sat down next to me, he usually requires me to constantly pet him: https://sphotos-a.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-frc1/16059_4186679674277_1946887922_n.jpg

Hah! I love that pic of him sleeping on somebody’s barbecue. What a pretty kitty. :) I’m glad there are people taking care of him.

momo said

Yeah, the people who live there let him come in when their cat had run away, but the woman there told me he really hated being inside too long. She also had the best description of him: he’s a ghost! He randomly appears and disappears before you even realize it. So now they gave him a box that’s protected from the rain, the woman across the way feeds him every morning and night, and I got him toys that I keep in my car for when I see him.

i like that barbecue shot too. like sleeping in paradise!

Aw! It’s so nice when the neighborhood has a Mr. Kitty to enjoy everyone’s petting, BBQ’s and extra catnip toys.

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Claire said

I love seeing everyone’s kitty pics! Here are Rayn and I’s cats, Wiggles and Ginger: http://wigglesandginger.tumblr.com/

Wiggles is the white/grey one, and Ginger is the orange and white cat.

Also Wiggles is sitting in my lap right now purring and being very vocal (we suspect she’s part siamese).

Cute blog overload!! :)

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I’ve got three kitties. Their amazing, but truthfully I just love animals all around, lol.

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