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momo said

Woman drinks tea made from 100 tea bags a day, gets rare bone disease...WHAT


I don’t know where to start with the why and the how. How even! How can you maintain that habit for SEVENTEEN YEARS.

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Tealizzy said

100 teabags! Dang! Kind of an expensive habit too! I can’t imagine what that would taste like! Blech!

Alphakitty said

I think it would actually be more affordable than you’d think! In my local grocery store there are bulk (super cheap quality though) teabags, 100 for $5. So $5 a day for a drink isn’t THAT bad all things considered, many people spend that much on Starbucks. Though the taste… eurgh.

Tealizzy said

Wow! That’s cheap!

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Jackie said

GAH! Now I’m slightly panicked… How much tea does it take to kill you from fluoride?

And 100 TEA BAGS? Gosh, that must have been BITTER!!!

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I JUST heard about this. Incredible! 100 tea bags in one pitcher sounds revolting.

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All things in moderation, folks :)

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ladyluck3 said

Yeah, I just panicked when I saw this on Yahoo…but even on my tea-heaviest days, think I top out at around 10 cups.

It is scary to think about, and I drink 8 cups of 8oz at the most.

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Rachel J said

So weird!!! All I can think is that the pitcher of tea must have also had 2 cups of sugar to make it drinkable.

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Chizakura said

Don’t panic people. She did this everyday for seventeen years with at least 100 teabags. She’s probably the only person that’ll ever walk this earth that’ll get that disease from tea consumption because that’s extremely abnormal conditions.

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Lala said

I wonder what kind of tea it was?

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lteg select said

It’s actually more common than you might think, there’s been multiple reported cases of this, but it’s always in situations where the person is drinking LOTS of low quality tea per day (usually in the realm of 2-3 gallons every day for years). The reason it’s more common in low quality teas is that it accumulates more and more as the leaves grow, so low quality tea made from really old leaves (especially those that naturally fell off the plant before being processed into tea) has a way higher concentration of flouride. Areas with high consumption of low-quality Pu-Erh have especially frequent occurrences of this disease.

Some links:

This is interesting, thanks for posting the additional links.

I wonder too since they were drinking cheapy bagged tea – lots of it could be, you know, filler crap in the bag. Hear stuff like lawn clippings and sticks.

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Chizakura said

Yeah, but it’s with abnormally high consumption. You still can’t panic about it, because of excess of anything is bad for you. Even plain water. You can die of water intoxication.

Consume reasonable amounts and it’s fine. Nothing to point a finger at tea about.


Chizakura said


TastyBrew agrees with you.

Chizakura said

Thanks for the translation. xD; I honestly had no idea. I feel old, lol.

Sorry! I read your reply and agreed whole heartedly. Sorry for my bad 90s slang. I don’t know if I’ll ever be truly rid of it :-)

Tealizzy said

Lol! Word. :)

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