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Woman drinks tea made from 100 tea bags a day, gets rare bone disease...WHAT

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52teas said

I’d like to say this is surprising, but I’ve noticed for myself that if I drink too much tea (and by too much, I mean more than a couple of gallons a day over several days—I’m a big guy; I get thirsty), my gout starts to flare up. I wonder if it’s related.

MissB said

I have several friends with gout, and we’ve found that along with red meat, beer, and red wine, black tea in large quantities can make gout issues worse. They all seem fine with greens, whites and rooibos or honeybush though.

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seule771 said

I came across this article as well and wondered why 100 tea bags per jug for one person. It is most shocking and I should refrain from saying more.

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Alphakitty said

100 bags PER DAY? In one pitcher?! That’s insane, I can’t imagine how strong that would be. In a big pitcher I usually use 1/4 to half an ounce of tea which is what… 5-10 teabags? I’m trying to picture my teas 10 to 20 times stronger and I cringe. And a pitcher takes me 2-3 days to drink!

This is one of those “everything in moderation” things. Almost anything that is good for you can be bad for you in large quantities. Tea, coffee, even fruit! Eat too many bananas a day and you’ll overdose on potassium, eat too many carrots and you’ll literally turn orange. I do feel really bad for her, she probably had NO clue that having so much could be harmful. I wish people were reminded more often that just because something is good for you doesn’t mean 10x the normal quantity is good for you too.

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Lynxiebrat said

Actually what occured to me is: What size pitcher was it? And yeah…blech. that must of been a pretty bitter brew.

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Denny said

mind = blown.

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and also, note that it had been 5 years since she first started to feel pain before she went in to see a doctor ^^’

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graceatblb said

100 teabags…Must taste like gasoline. Yuck. Too much of anything is always a bad thing.

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Chizakura said

One thing I feel sorry for her though, is that she probably won’t be able to enjoy tea anymore. If she was used to that concentrated a flavor, I don’t think she could get used to just a standard amount again. =/ Or it would take a loooong time at least.

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Lala said

Here is a link to the new england journal of medicine. Full write up on this case. Very interesting.


She did stop drinking tea.

Rachel J said

She had lost all her teeth! I liked this part: “After appropriate counseling…” Obviously not a well person in more than one way!

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Uniquity said

I think it is the concentration of tea rather than the quantity that affected her. A gallon of tea with 100 bags would have more fluoride than a gallon with 3 or 4 teabags. Just don’t be crazy. :)

CelebriTEA said

Really? I thought the fluoride was in the water and not the tea?
Trust me though, I would not say yes! to a pitcher of tea made with 100 teabags.
Blech! I imagine the teaspoon standing up nearly straight in the teacup…lol…
Talk about a really stiff tea…ahahahaha

Lynxiebrat said

I think the fluoride was probably in both the water and the tea.

Uniquity said

The article said that the fluoride came from the tea as well, that is why drinking the higher concentration of tea damaged her bones more than just drinking that quantity of water would. There are still areas that don’t fluoridate their water as well, but I don’t think she was in one of them. :)

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