How many teas in YOUR cupboard ?

And how does one know if they’re getting a bit obsessive? No seriously….

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Azzrian said

Too many yet never enough!

Alphakitty said

I feel the same exact way! I look at the number and then cringe, then half an hour later I see a new tea and think “HOW DO I NOT OWN THIS?”

Azzrian said

I know right! I have been pretty good these past couple of weeks. I did get my verdant order but I had the 10 off voucher from their rewards system. My total was only 13 but I should not have even done THAT!

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graceatblb said

I started with 15 and now have 95. It’s definitely an obsession and getting worse. Steepster, in the best way possible, is an enabler.

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Yea, right now I have only a few brands on hand but finding this site has me stoked to go tea exploring this weekend. My steepster shopping list is brimming with some varieties based on the great reviews I’ve found here. I’m really excited for the weekend, but afraid to take a credit card with me.

Azzrian said

Hahaha Have a fun tea filled weekend! :)

i suggest waiting for sales and promos instead of buying teas at regular price :)

and swapping to try teas before buying many different kinds.

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Uh… not enough rooibos. I still want to try more.

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sandra said

I have 6 blacks (Keemun, Bailin, golden Monkey, Feng Qing, Yixing Conque, and an Assam Molkabari) 500gr. each
Greens: mostly various Senchas, high grade Gyokuro, pi lo chun, and a Vietnamese green
Oolong: oriental beauty, Osmanthus, Red Robe, TGY (250gr. each)

I recently bought my first pu ehr cake to have a go (sheng)

Not much variation here I fear, though I do buy high(est) grades gyokuro and sencha, which takes up most of my tea budget.

you are at a place many tealovers dream of: stash limited to the “few” essentials :)

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how many teas?
after swapping like crazy for 2.5 months…afraid ive lost count! majority of my teas are samples tho (good for a few cups).

started out with nothing but a few bagged teas (my mom’s actually). i bought some boxes at ross’ and groceries and then Steepster came into my life, lol.

it was at the height of the holiday sales too. between my purchase of multiple boxes of Wissotzky and Teavana’s heavenly sale, i was afraid of spending any more as i had spent more on tea in just one day than any single food item in my entire life. so when Lupicia had it’s New Year’s grab bag sale, i held back which i later regretted as i learned that that company has very good teas :(

i remember now, it was tasting Twining’s Earl Grey that brought me to look for other yummy teas! the story is documented in my blog, lol.

how do you know you are getting obssessive?
there is a very fun thread on that here -

probably the only super long thread that i have read from first to last post and still wanted more :D

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Lynxiebrat said

I did an estimate the other day….including the samples…close to 80. That includes bagged and loose.

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At this point more puer than i care to admit on a public forum :(

I think I have a problem

mrmopar said

I am with ya on that about the pu’er.

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Dr Jim said

Over 100. The scary thing is that I want more, even though I haven’t even tried some of the ones I already own.

dont we all?

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Last time I counted, it was around 50. I have bought tea since then (much too much, I thought of going on a buying hiatus but I had to snag Della Terra’s last offering of Shamrocks and Shenanigans, so I’m starting over _;) and the total went up to, maybe, 80.

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