How many teas in YOUR cupboard ?

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Anyanka said

I’m at 28 kinds of loose leaf and 2 tisanes, but only 7 are full size bags or tins, the rest are sample sizes. I also have about a hundred teabags at work and 5 or 6 boxes of teabags at home. I have to talk myself out of buying new things to try or full size bags of things I’ve liked every single day.

I’m still at the sample everything in the world and figure out what you like stage of tea drinking, but looking around this site, I think that’s a stage I might not grow out of (and it might even get worse).

Dinosara said

Exactly 187. I recently added every tea I own, even if its just a one-cup sample, to my cupboard here on Steepster so that I can keep track of them. It was a bit sobering when I did that. I am trying to cut down; it is slow going but being able to remove things from my cupboard regularly makes me feel better about my progress.

Dustin said

That’s a strange number! Murder tea, yikes!

Dinosara said

Well it’s 186 now. :)

Dustin said

Good for you! I need to work on thinning out my collection.

According to my tea cupboard on Steepster which I update regularly I have 444 teas. I just got some new ones arrive today so I will be adding to that in a few minutes. Addicted? Sure but at least it’s a healthy one. :)

Lala said

As long as you don’t drink tea made with 100 tea bags every day!

Lol I just read about that. The taste must have been vile. :/

Whoa! How do you keep track of them all? With that many, is it diff to decide what you’re in the mood for?

@ColonialCommoner I keep each brand together and try to memorise what I have which so far has been working rather well. One thing I can never estimate is the quantity but weights have never been my thing. As long as I keep my virtual cupboard up to date I will be alright. If I have one cups worth left it gets removed from my cupboard.

With so many different teas it’s very hard to decide what to drink, especially since I am an indecisive person anyway. Mostly it’s by random. :)

there is thread on an app for choosing what’s in your Stpstr cupboard somewhere

Uniquity said

According to Steepster, around 150. Realistically, something in the realm of 200. I have been working on sipdowns for the past six months or so and am slowly making progress, but I have a number of old teas that I still have 50 – 100 grams of which I don’t know if I will ever get through. I think I should go on a kick of finishing up samples so I can decrease the numbers but I still have pounds of tea. Lots of them.

I get the sense that any ‘intervention’ for this particular group of addicts would include politely offering a nice cuppa to all those in attendence…. ; )

Well, I’m very new at my new obsession and I have plenty of time to build my reserve stock. Honestly the reviews here are so helpful to chart my course.
Thanks all

K S said

I remember when I had maybe 12 varieties (it was boxes of bags back then) in my drawer and everyone I knew thought I was crazy. I have 124 at the moment. I have been working hard lately to sip down the easy ones. Less than a dozen are in the 100g range. Every thing else is under 20g with most in the 9g range. Only 12 have not been opened and reviewed. That no longer sounds like a lot of tea – but it will last a very long time because I resteep almost everything… and I have 5 or 6 samples on the way. I think it is impossible to ever regain control.

the easy ones?

K S said

lol. Where I have one bag or one cup of leaf.

Chizakura said

I tend to be the type that’ll find a scant few favorites, and then just have excessive amounts of each so they last for a while, and a small amount of one or two more to have now and then.

But the reality is I have no space for it all, so I kinda have to be that way. I don’t have that many, and yet four of my pouches (about four or five more varieties in total) are sitting on the counter since there’s no space in the cupboard. =/ I live in a TINY house with three other people, so…

Sil select said

uh….likely be over 200 teas after this weekend’s swaps. And “excessive” for me becomes anytime i’m over 225…

In my actual cupboards at home and at work I have well over 300 (home) and 100 (work). It’s sick, I know! I’ve been doing this for almost 10 years though, and I’m sure some of my loose teas are pretty old.

Swaps contributed to the high numbers too.

And I just ordered more yesterday and today.

Incorrigible? I am.

I need to search the threads for this “swapping” thing & how that works

MissLena said

Probably around 70 or so. And I had to hide about half of them today because my boyfriend’s parents came to his place and I didn’t want them to think I was a crazy lady LOL they know I like tea, but I don’t want them to see my stash, they might think it’s a bit…abnormal…lol

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