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How many teas in YOUR cupboard ?

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Lynne-tea said

Well that depends on how you define them. I have over 110 with weights over 25g, but I have not included any samples in that number… If I included samples.. heck, I don’t want to know.

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I can’t count them all

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Cavocorax said

I remember when I was worried about going over 100 but now I’m congratulating myself on getting below 100. :p I count everything though and most is under 1 oz. My entire collection could probably fit in a milk crate, so it hasn’t taken over the kitchen yet.

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I’m up to about 300. 220-ish in amounts worth recording in my cupboard, the rest are samples, single tea bags, home blends, or cooking-only blends. I dring about 100g of leaf worth of tea in under a week, so it’s important I have enough on hand, plus I share everything I purchase with friends! I have only one or two teas that I refuse to share, the rest I hand out generous samples of to anyone that asks.

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Novi said

I’ve got about 100 in my cupboard. But I make excuses that (though its mostly me) occasionally 4 others in my home drink the stuff too. The kids even want to because they think its the grown-up thing to do. Most of them are 1oz or less, though.

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