K S said

Steepster down?

I haven’t gotten any new posts on my dashboard since yesterday. I went into explore and there were only a handful of new ones. Did everyone go on spring break or is steepster down?

If it is down for others as well can someone email or message Jason? He is not following me and I don’t have email access with this computer. I need a Steepster fix.

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Ramvling said

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think you’d be able to make forum posts or view your dashboard if the site was down. XD;

gmathis said

Same issue here. Explore pulls stuff up but nothing new on dashboard.

Tealizzy said

Me too. Latest thing on dashboard was 12 hours ago.

Tealizzy said

I just emailed Jason.

Dinosara said

I emailed Jason about the frozen dashboard. Generally the dashboard doesn’t freeze for only one person; if you don’t see it updated, chances are no one does.

yssah said

email him. it’s on the discussion guidelines i think.

Pia M said

KS, I had the exact same experience last week. All of a sudden I just stopped receiving posts that I was subscribed to, although I was still able to post things to the site. In other words, I could input but I was not receiving anything suddenly. Once I contacted Jason, I’m not sure what happened but I started receiving posts again. Weird, not sure what is going on. Sounds like a technical glitch….!

K S said

Thanks All. I have got to figure out why I can’t email from this computer – Something I’ve not done unrelated to Steepster being temperamental.

Tealizzy said

It’s back! Yay!

K S said

^ Yeah! ^

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