What teas can you not travel without?

I’m packing up to leave town for a few days on a car trip. I’ve been staring at my tea cupboard for far too long trying to figure out what teas I’m going to want and what equipment I’m going to need to brew said tea. So far I have Laoshan Black, a few samples of genmai cha, some flavored genmai cha, masala chai, and some hojicha. I can’t travel without those. Now I need to add on a few flavored teas, just in case the mood strikes me.

What teas can you not travel without? Not necessarily your most favorite tea, just the ones that always get thrown in the bag.

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Dinosara said

I travel a lot and these days I pretty much always travel with sachets because I find them easier to deal with on the road. I’m also easy when it comes to drinking the same tea over and over again while I’m traveling, so I don’t bring a lot of variety. I also pretty much only bring black tea because I don’t trust water temps that I get from coffee shops/hotels/etc, and I don’t bring a thermometer. I like my travel tea to be as un-fussy as possible!

My favorite sachets are Harney, although I am also fond of the Dammann Frères sachets I have. Right now my go-to sachets are:
Tower of London – Harney
Paris – Harney
Gout Rûsse – Dammann

In the past I have also had two leaves and a bud’s Organic Earl Grey. I also have some Momo (Peach) sachets from Lupicia that I will likely cart along with me on my next trip. I also love having individually wrapped sachets… great for easily tucking into pockets!

Katiek said

Thank you!! I’ve been travelling a lot for work and trying to deal with tea “on the road”. I’m in meetings and don’t want to make a big deal of making a cup of tea, but really miss some of my favorites. I completely forgot that many of the Harney teas also come in sachets. Placing an order right away!!

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Uniquity said

Anything that can take a beating. Some flavoured rooibos or herbal (usually whatever I am trying to finish up and hopefully only has 1 or 2 cups worth). At least one solid unflavoured black (Bailin Gongfu, Laoshan Black, Black Dragon Pearls, something like that). That’s about it. Frequently I will grab some teabags I have lying around as it is a good opportunity to use them up.

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When I used to travel a lot I used to use Harneys sachets as well. These days I don’t travel much, so I don’t take Harney with me as much. Teas I do take though are usually a sencha, a mint tea, and a jasmine tea.

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Usually, I take a basic black “English Breakfast Blend” like PG Tips, a Fruity Green like Harney & Sons Tropical Green, and a random fruity tisane like Serendipitea’s Ruby Slipper. If I’m anticipating a stressful trip, I’ll sometimes swap out the green for a small tin of Baker Street Afternoon from Upton Imports.

I also take my own mug or travel mug, sugar, honey powder, tea scoop, spoon, tea maker, and electric kettle. If the room has a mini-fridge, I usually stop by a grocery store or convenience store and pick up a small bottle of milk; otherwise, I take a container of dehydrated milk powder.

I also once took a bunch of themed teas on a book geek workshop trip – mostly Cara McGee’s Sherlock, Watson, Mycroft, Baker Street Babes, Reichenbach Recovery, and TARDIS blends from Adagio, and Baker Street Afternoon blend from Upton on trips, along with PG Tips, though I will readily admit this was excessive.

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For me there are 2 teas that I always bring with me no matter how short of a trip. For longer trips I bring more options but I must have my Good Morning Sunshine (creamy lemon guayusa) and Premium Taiwanese Assam. Trips usually wear me out, since I usually try to pack too much into each day. So, these are my survival teas that perk me up.

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Silk Dragon Oolong from The Tea Merchant, a good darjeeling of some kind and either Golden Needle King from Shang Tea or Paris from Harney & Sons. Those always find a home in a traveling bag.

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Mr Steep said


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There’s a box I keep bagged teas in that usually travels with me. If I were to travel now, Della Terra’s Lime Chiffon would go with me.

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Dustin said

You could do what I did, not pack much tea and use it as an excuse to go tea shopping at new and exciting places.

Ha! This is a great idea!

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RiverTea said

I always have to pack some black tea for the mornings and some rooibos and hibiscus for the evenings.

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