52teas said

Re-blend alert: Graveyard Mist!

Also corrected the inventory and have ONE Chocolate Malt Honeybush, some Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish and a few Red Velvet Cake Mates.

See everything we have here: http://www.zoomdweebies.com/Available-NOW_c_32.html

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I am a huge devotee of Graveyard Mist! However, I still have two unopened packages in my stash from the last time it was reblended. I’m still tempted to buy more. :-/

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Azzrian said

I got one of the blueberry and the ONE honeybush HA YAY! Broke my no order streak but a lovely trade partner gave me a 10 dollar GC So I HAD TO use it!

Boo Honeybush! shakes fist :)

Azzrian said

Sorry Stephanie. I realized the other night I only had one honeybush blend I could find. Had to do it.

It’s cool…I already blew my tea budget anyway so you saved me :)

Azzrian said

LOL I didn’t have one for this month but oh well :)

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Haha, I just got my last 52teas order this week, but I’ve had the Shamrock tea sitting in my cart for a while now, and was on the notification list for Graveyard Mist… so I had to order those. I also threw on a Blueberry Danish, to see what all the fuss is about.

I can’t resist minty teas, sigh.

Same here. I love the Shamrock tea too.

I just tried White Christmas and really enjoyed it, but I since I prefer green tea and spearmint, I figured those ones would be even better for me. It just takes forever for them to get to Canada!

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Sun and Cloud mist is still my fav mist. I’m savoring what I have left.

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Fjellrev said

Hey Frank, just messaged you about only getting one Blueberry Cream Cheese Danish when I ordered two. No wonder why you had more in your inventory!

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