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52teas said

Off flavor in some of our recent blends...

Recently, I’ve been reading some tasting notes about a few of our recent blends/re-blends having an odd, off- flavor. A few people have wondered if it was the cacao nibs or the genmaicha or something we did differently. I’ve been looking into this and I can assure you that the ingredients we used are identical in each of the different batches of the various blends we create. The only variable I can come up with is that I may have been a bit hasty in packaging some of the reblends in my rush to get them out. Typically the tea needs at least 24 hours to ‘stew’. The flavors we use have an alcohol base. The alcohol is meant to evaporate, and as it does so, it carries the flavors through the tea. May I suggest that you pour your tea into a small bowl somewhere away from any other contaminating scents and let it sit for 24 hours? I believe that will make a world of difference. If that’s not the culprit, I am at a total loss as to what could be. Each of the blends that have mentioned have several glowing reviews along side some of those who appear to be getting an off-flavor from it. If that does not resolve the problem for you, please contact me via our contact form on zoomdweebies.com. Thank you for understanding.

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Sil select said

Thanks for letting us know Frank. I know ill try that and see if it helps.

Sil select said

Didnt seem to help with the honeybush malt or the smores genmaicha in my case. :(

Kittenna said

Yeah, my packet of Browncoat Genmaicha still smells like chlorine, but the aroma may have improved from the others. I’m not brewing things up again until I can taste properly, though.

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Thanks! I’ll do that now.

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Ramvling said

Wish I’d seen this earlier. XD; I’ll keep this in mind if my unopened blend tastes off.

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CrowKettle said


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Nick select said

While I’ve yet to purchase from 52teas, this level of customer dedication and interaction makes me eager to get to the point where I can afford another batch of tea. <3.

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Thanks for the info!

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