fstr21 said

Best orange spiced?

Would like to find a nice orange spice tea with lotta bite. Ive only tried spice of life, while the smell is glorious the tea is rather lackluster and expensive. Any suggestions?

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Cofftea said

Market Spice Chai is amazing. Although I personally wouldn’t add milk to it. Hot dreamsicle? Blech.

Ramallamas said

I would recommend original Market Spice :) Super citrusy with lots of cinnamon oils! I have never tried the chai though, that’s sounds pretty nummy too!

Meghann M said

I like 52teas ultimate orange spice. It’s got a good spice kick but isn’t too heavy on the orange.

Cofftea said

I’ve never had this one, but based on their teas I have tried I’d be inclined to think it’d be very good.

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