[US & CAN] Tea Swaps for US and Canadian folks - North America!

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- Would love to try some Mariage Freres dessert teas!

Anything in my cupboard is open for swap, it is mostly up to date I think. I also have Davidstea locally.

I am particularly hoping to try the Heritage Gourmands blends.
I’d also be willing to buy some samples as I know these teas are expensive.

I’ve tried Chocolate Mousse once but would love one more try.

I have a $200+ shopping cart loaded up on the MF website, which is going to be a huge purchase that I’m saving up for and I would love to be able to eliminate some by trying first, because shipping is ghastly and they only sell large quantities.

Specific teas I’m hoping to try:

- Heritage Gourmands: Cannele, Mousse au Chocolat, Macaron, Crepe Earl Grey
- Paris Ginza
- Vanille des iles
- phenix
- Vanille imperiale
- Paris Breakfast Tea

anything I’ve missed that is spectacularly flavorful and desserty! :)

Any help would be appreciated. Again I don’t mind paying for samples! I just really can’t afford going in completely clueless to a purchase like this!

We have VERY similar tastes if you ever want to split an order.

That is a great offer, may have to take you up on that! :)

Deazinn said

I am interested in their Butterscotch blend which is supposed to be very good….I’d chip in with an order!

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Looking for DT organic Vanilla.Please see my cupboard and I have much more in my stash.thanks : )

loveaduck said

Their rooibos blend?


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Virginia said


I have a few samples and also bigger bags that I would like to swap:

Grape expectations – Green 4g
Main Squeeze – Mate 4g
Birthday cake – Rooibos 12g
Creme Brulee – Rooibos 14g
Pink Lemonade – Rooibos 36g
Oh Canada – Rooibos 40g
Coconut Oolong – Oolong 13g
The Earl’s Garden – Black 2g
Chocolate rocket – Mate 4g
Honey Bee – Mate 8g
Sangria – Herbal 5g

I can also include small samples (2-3 cups) of:

Mother’s Little Helper – Herbal
Bamboozled – Herbal
Organic Some Velvet Morning – Green
Salted Caramel – Black
Vanilla Orchid – Oolong
Kenyan Tinderet – Black
Love Tea no7 – Black
Organic Bai Hao Yin Zhen – White
Coffee Puerh- Puerh
Read My lips – Black
Cream of Earl Grey – Black
Gyokuro Yamashiro – Green

Hi I would love dt oh canada if you see anything in my cupboard?I am interested in salted caramel too!i followed you :)

mj said

I’m interested in trying Bamboozled, vanilla orchid, and Love Tea no7. I followed you, so check out my cupboard and see if there’s anything you’re interested in trying!

On the original post you said Canada only, are you taking US trades?

Virginia said

Yes, I am taking US trades as well

Virginia said

Just updated my cupboard to include every tea I have

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I have 4 oz of this tea to trade.

Product Description
The flavors of passion fruit, grapefruit, orange and grenadine mix to create a naturally sweet infusion. Try this one iced for a hauntingly delicious experience!

Other Details
Ingredients: black tea, freeze dried orange + papaya + pineapple, natural dried papaya and pineapple, cornflower + calendula + sunflower petals, natural flavors

Deazinn said

I would love to trade for this……can you check out my cupboard?

Sure, and I’ll follow you.

ooh that one sounds so good. lol.

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Virginia said

Made new additions to the cupboard (again). Would love some 52teas or Butiki

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VariaTEA said

Cookies & Cream Matcha – Red Leaf Tea (10g)
Frankenberry – 52 Teas (25g)
Peanut Butter Marshmallow Treat – 52 Teas (50g)
Grape Expectations – DAVIDs (15g)
Mom’s Apple Pie – DAVIDs (40g)
Organic Pure Chai – DAVIDs (40g)
Cinnamon Rooibos Chai – DAVIDs (45g)
Sweet Pumpkin Spice – Victoria’s Teas and Coffees (60g)
Canadian Maple Syrup – Victoria’s Teas and Coffees (75g)
Honey Pistachio Biscotti – Victoria’s Teas and Coffees (70g)
Boston Blend – Harney & Sons (20g)
Gingerbread Spice – Celestial Seasonings (unopened box)
Nutcracker Sweet – Celestial Seasonings
Candy Cane Lane – Celestial Seasonings

I would really rather not break up whole amounts if possible. Also, I am looking for the Heritage Gourmand collection teas from Mariage Freres, L’Hiver by Fauchon, or anything from my wishlist.

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Anlina said

I’m looking for:
Spring White Pearls – DAVID’s Tea

Indian Summer – DAVID’s Tea

Pistachio Cream – DAVID’s Tea

Any brand of elma çay/Turkish apple tea that is fruit only, looking for one that has good lemon notes.

I’m willing to swap or purchase.

In my stash I’m looking to swap:
Raspberry Pineapple White – Teavana (35g)
Strawberry Cream White – Teavana (35g)
Ceylon Star – DAVID’s Tea (bought lots, let me know what you want)
Cool Cucumber – DAVID’s Tea (again, name an amount)

I’m also open to swapping just about anything in my cupboard or buying something new to swap. I have access to DAVID’s Tea, Teavana, Cornelia Bean, Tea Story and a good selection of Metropolitan Tea Co. loose leaf teas.

lolainred said

oh man i got really excited because I thought you had Pistachio Cream to swap. Still dying to try that one myself!

Anlina said

Ah sorry. It’s pretty amazing and unique, and of course I didn’t restock before it was gone. :(

I hope you get a chance to try it!

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Dinosara said

Nothing at the moment!

I would really love the pumpkin toffee dragon well^_^ unfortunately I don’t have much outside of teavana because I work there. I have a list of teas I’m trying to trade on the next page if you would check them out. Thanks

Dinosara said

Oops, sorry I forgot to update this list. The Pumpkin Toffee Dragonwell found a new home. :)

Oh Well, Thanks Anyways :)

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I have a few teas to trade but I’ll have to update some with amounts later. I’m interested in exchanging for black teas (preferably dessert flavors). I also have smaller amounts (but more variety) in my cupboard. :)

Cotton Candy -Della Terra
Orange & Cream -Della Terra 1oz
Earl Grey Creme -Della Terra
Caramel Pumpkin Marshmallow – Della Terra Teas
Gingerbread Smoke -52Teas 1oz
Coconut Peppermint Patty -52Teas 1.5oz
Gingerbread Coffeecake -52Teas 1oz
Peanut Cluster – 52Teas 1oz
Handcrafted Oolong – JusTea (unopened)
Orange – Market Spice 1.5oz
North West Breakfast – Market Spice .5oz
Lychee Rose -Market Spice 1oz
Market Chai – Market Spice 1oz
Tropical Nut Paradise – Teavana 1.5oz

I would love the gingerbread coffeecake and caramel pumpkin marshmallow …. I can get any of the tea’s from davids as I have most of them, and there is a davids nearby if you are interested.

Awesome! I’ll follow you Aimee to PM.


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My cupboard is up to date, but I was wondering if anybody would be willing to take about 6 oz of organic Assam or almost 2 oz of Sakura Sencha? I don’t have any adequate way of measuring either, so I would rather give the whole container away, and if anyone is willing to trade, I don’t need trades to match or equal the same weight. I’d be completely happy with 4 oz of odds and ends if you want to take both. Anyway, that’s probably not how it works.

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