[US & CAN] Tea Swaps for US and Canadian folks - North America!

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Vanitea said

I have eleven 26g bags of Tropicalia I’d love to trade for other things. We wound up getting a bunch of samples, thinking they would all be different, but we got about fifteen bags of Tropicalia and one of Happy Kombucha. I put a few bags in to top up my 100g tin of Tropicalia but obviously I still have a ton left.

I would love to swap if you see things on my cupboard.

Interested in a swap, let me know if you still have any around.

You offered me some about a month ago and I declined, but I think I underestimated how quickly I’d burn through what I bought – so if you still have some left I’d love to swap you for a bag or two.

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ISO Davids Tea Blueberry Jam if anyone has some to spare.Please see my cupboard.Thanks : )

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if anyone has a teavana near by.. i am dying to try a tiny bit of the white chocolate peppermint, and the orange chocolate sweet spice… i have lots to trade for……… lol i’m not making it home till december and i realllly don’t want to wait :)

see your messages- hope you want two ounces of each!!!!

i’m so excited.. my friend just went on vacation to maine, and came back today and brought me a little of the pumpkin spice brulee.. it was 10 dollars for a teeny tiny bag. i’m so excited to try it tonight :) i can’t wait to try the other two.. they sound great

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VariaTEA said
Message deleted by author.

i have banana dream pie… i also have chocolate chilli chai, santa’s secret, alpine punch, etc… take a look at my cupboard! i’d be interested in the teavana raspberry riot lemon mate and the winter berry spice!

I have a bunch of cookie dough if interested purchased late summer.Interested in some of your teavana. Please see my cupboard.Thanks!

VariaTEA said

Hey guys. I am super new to this and apparently I haven’t quite figured out how to work the site because I tried sending you both messages but each time I click “send message” next to both of your names I only seem to be allowed to message a different person on the site. Perhaps you guys will have better luck messaging me to discuss a swap? I am sorry I am so new at this.

Dexter said
- You need to be following a person, and they need to be following you – then you can send private messages.
VariaTEA said

Haha I thought that might have been the case. Thank you so much for clarifying though!

I will try messaging you : )

pm you : )

Cavocorax said

I’d be interested in your Teavana teas. I have a 25g pouch of unopened Cookie Dough, ad well as nearly anything (including matcha) in my cupboard!

Cavocorax said

I might also be interested in your mango Lassi and currant affair. :) I have some of them, but I liked them.

I would love some of your salted caramel and read my lips if they are still available?

VariaTEA said

akgrowngirl they are still available. Feel free to follow and message me so we can arrange a swap :)

VariaTEA said

The list keeps growing but no one seems interested anymore :(

MissB said

Heh. I have the same thing with mine. I think folks just look at the last page when they start swapping. I know I did.

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Courtney said

I have some Strawberry Rhubarb from Tealish I’d be interested in swapping out if anyone wants to try it out.

Hi I would love to if you see anything in my cupboard?Melinda

Courtney said

I’ve tried everything in your cupboard actually, but I could send a cup or two worth if you like, just so it’s not too much shipping.

VariaTEA said

I would be interesting in trying it. Let me know if anything in my cupboard interests you!

no worries : )

Courtney said

Lovelylotus if you follow me and message me your address I’ll drop a sample in the post :)

Courtney said

VariaTEA the David’s Chocolate Cake sounds tasty if you have enough to spare!

VariaTEA said

Hey Courtney, I definitely have some to spare. Send me a message and we can arrange a swap.

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MissB said

Another newbie to tea swapping, however I love trying new things, as well as sending gifts. Here’s what I have to offer (at the moment), and I’m open to almost anything. I do have an allergy to strawberries however, and am struggling with oolongs right now.

updated as of Nov 24

Honeybush Mango – Adagio
Green Rooibos – Adagio
Dragonwell – Adagio
Skinny Genie – Sahara Tea
Xue Ya – Camellia Sinensis
MateVana – Teavana
The Skinny – DAVID’s Tea
Slim and Slender Mate – Tea Desire
Secret Garden – LuxBerry
Black Forest Cake – LuxBerry
Bai Hao Oolong – Tea Centre
Provence – Darlene’s Tea Pot
Retro Ted – Bluebird (just a tsp or two left)

If there’s anything you want in my stash, just send me a note. I`m happy to trade if I have enough to share.

Dexter said

I sent you a PM…..

Do you have a lot of the Adiago Honeybush Mango left because its icky or because its just too much? I’m VERY interested in anything mango flavored.

MissB said

It’s just too much. I was gifted a pound each of the Honeybush Mango and Green Rooibos. While both are lovely, I’d much rather share. I usually mix the Mango with Teavana’s Pineapple Kona Pop! for the kids, and it tastes like a mango pineapply fruit juice. Really, really yummy.

Allie said

I’m interested in the Coffee Cake and Choconut Oolong if they are still available. Take a look in my cupboard to see if there is anything you want to try! :-)

MissB said

Allie, they’re both tiny, tiny samples – enough for one cup. I’m happy to send them both to you just as is.. however will PM you.

i’d like to try the bolero if possible :) i can swap with you for something!

MissB said

Hey Aimee, add me as a friend and I’ll send you a note. :)

oolong, i will take. see my post on page 11.

MissB, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

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I’m always up for trades, just added a bunch to my cupboard, and I have some others around that I haven’t got a chance to add. Message me here or add if your interested in a trade based on whats in my cupboard.

VariaTEA said

Hey JennyFur, I browsed through your cupboard and there are a few teas in there I would be up for trading for. I listed above the teas (a couple of posts up) I am hoping to swap out but if you prefer something in my cupboard I am always willing to trade if I have enough. I am following you now so just follow and message me when you get a chance.

MissB said

Another hey JennyFur. I’ve also followed you, however you’ll need to follow me so I can send you a note about the Adiago Mango Honeybush, as well as a couple of others I have on order that may interest you for a swap.

Followed you both back. PM me and we’ll chat about a swap.

Jennyfur, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

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Hi all! I’m very interested in arranging some swaps. I’m looking for new homes for: (these are all David’s Tea, by the way)
-30g English Rose
-75g Pumpkin Chai
-25g Mom’s Apple Pie
-25g Pistachio Cream
-15g Gingerbread
-15g Coffee Cake

If you’re interested in any, please let me know!

I’m interested in the pumpkin chai, pistachio cream and gingerbread and English rose :):)

Hi I would love your coffee cake gingerbread and mom’s apple pie.I have teas in my cupboard but much more if interested in a swap.I will message you : )

VariaTEA said

I would be interested in pumpkin chai, pistachio cream, and gingerbread if you have some left :)

Molly, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

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I have two fresh Teavana Maharaja Chai samples( Oprah’s favorite things 2013).They are large.One is opened and one I used one serving. Message me for tea wish list.

of all the chais.. in all the world… she picked that one lol.

not a fan lol

Haha Aimee! :D

darby select said

I know! Lol. Has she tried the Samurai? That’s their best chair IMO.

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Looking for DT coffee cake,Have lots DT and Teavana( winter collection) not posted in my cupboard,Thanks

lol i have coffee cake for you.. its good eh?

I took a look at your shopping list and have some pumpkin chai to share in exchange for some Teavana’s White Chocolate Peppermint. If you’re interested, follow me and send a message my way! :)

I am looking for DT coffee cake but thanks! thanks Aimee going to pm you

:-D .. i love the coffee cake one.. i keep getting to-go cups of it.

VariaTEA said

QueenOfTarts, I have White Chocolate Peppermint I am looking to get rid of if you would like to do a swap. I already follow you so if you follow me back and message me we can arrange something.

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