[US & CAN] Tea Swaps for US and Canadian folks - North America!

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Karys said

Up for swap! All are between 10 and 50 grams.

Golden Needle – Teavana
Amaretto – Davidstea
Cactus Fig – Teaopia
Coconut Black – Steam Tea House
After Dark – Steam Tea House
Roobios Vanilla – Tazo
Sesame Black – Adagio
Black Split Almond – Steam Tea House

omg!! i`d love the cactus fig haha i was so sad they discontinued it :(

Karys said

Sure! Add me.

Do you still have the golden needle?

do you have DT amaretto?

Ditto on the amaretto!!! ^ :)

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Dinosara said

Posted this in the International-“don’t care where I send it” thread but I haven’t gotten any interest so I thought I would post it here too.

It’s been a while since I listed for a swap. I’m interested in getting rid of these teas. I would rather do swaps for the whole amount rather than samples of this or that, but I am willing to split teas (except for the Lupicia Afternoon tea, which is unopened). If we’re both interested in a swap I can let you know exact amounts of teas where only an approximate is listed.

Also, I am willing to send a tea off without anything in return if you will reimburse me for postage. I am located in the US but willing to send anywhere.

Georgia Tea Co. – Weight Loss Tea (~1oz)
Georgia Tea Co. – Snowflake Tea (~1oz)
Georgia Tea Co. – Champagne Raspberry White Tea (~1oz)
Georgia Tea Co. – Rose of the Orient (~1oz)
Nature’s Tea Leaf – Silver Needle White Tea (1oz)
Lupicia – Afternoon Tea (50g, unopened)
Harney – Hot Cinnamon Spice (sachets)
Red Leaf Tea – Chamomile Matcha (60g, unopened)

Well, if no one else is biting… these sound really good… sending you a PM!

Lupicia – Lychee (~25g)
Lupicia – Momoko (~40g)
DavidsTea – Persian Apple (~1oz)
Harney – Indian Nimbu (~1oz) [nb: this tea is pretty old]
TeaHaus – Marzipan (~1oz) [same as TeaGschwendner’s Marzipan]
Teavivre – Ripened Rose Puerh Mini Tuocha (2 tuocha)
Della Terra Teas – Grandma’s Pumpkin Pie (~1oz)
Le Palais des Thés – Thé des Amants (~10g)

Karys said

I would love the Marzipan or Pumpkin Pie!

If you work something out with Karys, I don’t need those two. But if not, I’m happy to find a home for them!

dappercat said

If you don’t work anything out with Tea Sipper I would be really interested in trying the Ripened Rose Puerh Mini Tuocha from Teavivre.

Dinosara said

Karys & dappercat – I didn’t see anything in your cupboards that I was interested right now. Maybe another time!

Tea Sipper – PM incoming soon!

Dinosara said

Updated list.

Dinosara, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

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Courtney said

I have varying amount of some teas I’m looking to swap out if anyone is interested. I’m looking for David’s Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble and 52Teas Raspberry Cream AND American Tea Room Brioche. I’m also open to almost anything else :)

52Teas Tropical Eyebrows 
52Teas Pina Colada Honeybush
52Teas Banana Pudding
52Teas Graveyard Mist
52Teas Butterbeer (1-2 cups worth)
52Teas Sea Breeze (3-4 cups worth)
Tea Desire Cocobene (3-4 cups worth)
David’s Coconut Grove
Della Terra Apples & Mango (3-4 cups worth)
Della Terra Cactus Flower (3-4 cups worth)
Della Terra Jelly Bean Dream (2-3 cups worth)
Della Terra Captivating Crimson Orange (2-3 cups worth)
Della Terra Winter Nog (1-2 cups worth)
Della Terra The Gingerbread Man (1-2 cups worth)
Della Terra Snow Fairy (3-4 cups worth)

Janelle said

I have about 5-6 cups worth of DT Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble to offer, plus a variety of others as my tea cupboard is almost overflowing :)

I’d be interested in the Butterbeer, Winter Nog, Gingerbread Man, and Captivating Crimson Orange if they’re still available!

Courtney said

Sent you a message Janelle :)

Hi! Not sure if the rest of these teas are still up for a swap or I would even buy them outright from you. PM if you like. Thanks!

If you are still offering the Banana Pudding I’d love to have it. You can check out my cupboard and see if anything interest you.

Courtney said

Just checking out your cupboard Veronica :)

found your link.I can PM a list for the coconut grove! : )

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I live most of the year in Yiwu Xishuangbanna Yunnan China; where Pu’er comes from. I live in a Pu’er factory with the farmers and now I am happy to trade some of this very fine tea.

My partner in America loves MATCHA.

ANYONE want to trade Sheng Pu’er for some Matcha??

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I have 2oz of Verdant yu lu yan cha that for some reason I can’t get through. If anyone has any of Verdant’s mi lan xiang phoenix dan cong or anything similar I’d love to swap. I’ll also take some nice assam.

I’m willing to split up the 2oz too

James R said

I have just over an ounce of Upton Tea Banaspaty FTGFOP1 Assam that I’d be willing to part with in return for the Yu Lu Yan Cha if you still have it.

That would be awesome! PM me :)

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Alysha said

Hi all!
I have the following up for swap (approximate measurements):

52Teas – Weeping Angel (~0.5oz)
Della Terra – Vanilla Cream Rooibos (~0.75oz)
Verdant Tea – Shui Jin Gui Oolong (4 tsp
DavidsTea – Crème Caramel rooibos (2 tsp)

Looking for teas on my shopping list but open to others as well. Swap amounts don’t have to be equal :)

i have some yunnan white jasmine if you’d like that in exchange for the shui jin gui!

Alysha said

Sure! Follow me so we can PM.

Janelle said

I would be interested in the Vanilla Cream Rooibos and the Weeping Angel if they’re still available. I have almost all of the David’s Tea varieties on your shopping list so PM me if you’re interested :)

Alysha said

Sounds good! I’ll pm you.

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Artp said

A good friend recently travelled to India and brought me a ton of fresh loose leaf; unfortunately, it was way too much and I’ll never drink all of it. So i’m lookin for someone to take some or all of what I have below:

4oz green darjeeling
2oz second flush darjeeling
2 oz first flush darjeeling

I hardly ever drink unflavoureds. So i would prefer flavored teas, such as Della Terra, DavidsTea, Harney and Sons. I’m VERY Interested in Adagio fandoms, and also would like to try anything new so we can work something out i’m sure

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Janelle said

Here is the start of a list of some teas I’m looking to swap out or sell, either because they’re just not for me or I have so much that I’ll never be able to finish it all! Please feel free to have a peek at my cupboard as well since I’m willing to part with a lot more than just this. I was a little overzealous when I first got into tea :)

All are from David’s Tea:

Aloha Pu’erh
Apres Ski
Banana Nut Bread
Buttered Rum
Cheeky Lychee
Cherry Blossom
Cherry Cola
Chrysanthemum Flowers
Creme de Menthe
Dulce and Banana
Earl Grey Oolong
Elf Help
English Rose
Ever Green
Himalayan Blend
Long Life Oolong
Pink Flamingo
Rose Congou Green
Sleigh Ride
Snow Bunny
Strawberry White
The Cardio
Whisky White
Yellow Dragon

I’m mostly interested in trying older David’s Tea blends, as well as almost anything from Della Terra that is no longer available, but I’m open to other options as well :)

Kittenna said

Janelle – I took a peek through your cupboard and you have a ton of DavidsTeas that I’ve been wanting to try even just a single cup of! And that’s saying something, since I’ve tried a lot of DavidsTeas. I probably don’t have any of them that you don’t have, but I do have quite a few teas from Della Terra. They aren’t listed in my cupboard, but I could probably send you a list! I’m following you; PM me :)

darby select said

Take a peek at my cupboard…

there’s several here i want to try!! … take a look at my cupboard.. i can get some different ones from various places around here as well :)

Janelle said

Kittenna and Aimee: PM’d you

darby: There’s nothing in your cupboard that I’m really interested in at the moment; maybe another time :)

Oh my gawd! There are so many I would love to try. Take a look at what I have and I also expecting a few orders on Friday to come in so I can send you a lost of those as well. PM me:)

Janelle, I am a tea newbie and wanted to try some different ones. Want to take a look at my cupboard and do a swap? I have the Teavana Spiced Apple Cider and the Pumpkin Spice Brulee about 4 ounces each minus a couple teaspoons if you wanted to try.

Janelle said

Sorry, I’m not interested in swapping at the moment, but I would be willing to sell to you. This list is from over a year ago so I don’t have a lot of them anymore but you can check my cupboard as it should be up to date.

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Message deleted by author.
Helen11 said

I have Ceylon Star missing about 3 tsp from the 50g, if you’re interested in that swap.

Do you have the salted caramel by chance? If you want to send me a message?thanks! : )

Helen11 said

Sorry I actually just finished off my pack of that and won’t be headed to a store any time soon :(

any other DT available?

SHOOT! i had a package of salted caramel and one of brazillionaire… i was deciding which to send you and i sent you brazillionaire haha… i wish i knew!

love brazillionaire LOL. we need to swap again : ) let you know when package arrives and seriously let me know what you want for the salted caramel.the most generous girl Aimee

Helen11 said

Sorry not really anything else that has anything close to 45g left. I’ve got some Teavana ones with that much? :s

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