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Favorite Organic Black Teas?

What are your favorite organic black teas?

Currently, there isn’t a search filter for Organic teas on the Best Teas / Most Popular Teas page: http://steepster.com/teas

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Rachel J said

I’m interested in this too, as you know! I have been making a list of organic Keemuns and Yunnans that I might want to try. I haven’t tried any yet, though, except the Teavivre organic Keemun.

looseTman said

I really like Rishi’s China Breakfast and Earl Grey. I think the China Breakfast makes great iced tea and the Earl Grey is my favorite winter drink.

Chizakura said

Butiki Teas has several organic options, and from what I’ve ordered of her collection, you can’t go wrong with anything there.

In addition to her teas, I like drinking DavidsTea’s Organic Cream of Earl Grey. So delicious and smooth (quite light though, it’s not terribly strong) and also organic to boot. :)

yyz said

I think most if not all of Shanti Teas Teas are Organic.

looseTman said

Thanks for mentioning Shanti Teas. (I wasn’t aware of them.) In fact, their “About” web page https://www.shantitea.ca/stpages/info/about-shanti-tea begins with:

“We are passionate about tea.

Shanti Tea was founded with the goal of bringing you only the highest quality Certified Organic specialty teas and herbs available in the world. Our unwavering focus on quality, ethics, and sustainability has made us leaders in the Canadian organic tea industry."

They offer 24 organic black tea choices: https://www.shantitea.ca/sthome/product_category/black-tea

Per Steepster, – Best Black teas from Shanti Teas:

looseTman said

Teavivre currently has
– 3 organic black teas: http://www.teavivre.com/organic-black-tea/
– 13 organic teas: http://www.teavivre.com/organic-tea/

I can attest that the Teavivre Organic Bailin Gongfu Black Tea is pretty amazing!!

I’ve read… somewhere that many teas are produced organically, but the producers do not have the money for the certification, so can not claim that their tea is organic even though it is! It happens with other kinds of crops too I understand. I just thought I’d mention it to add another layer to your organic search :)

looseTman said

Thanks for your recommendation.

“many teas are produced organically, but the producers do not have the money for the certification”

Yes, I’m sure certification is expensive for the producers and that cost is then passed on to the consumers. If only there was a reliable way to identify this group of organic tea producers who can’t afford to be certified? Pesticide residues are not desirable especially if tea is your favorite beverage, there is a family history of cancer, or if one is of childbearing age.

yyz said

Camelia Sinensis in Montreal often has interesting and nice teas here is a link to their organic blacks, a number are out of stock at the moment. There are a lot of Darjeelings, but their are also Some Chinese, a Nepalese and some Assams.


looseTman said

Camelia Sinensis Steepster ratings: http://steepster.com/companies/camelia-sinensis

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yyz said

Your Welcome!

I’m not sure if you interest in Organic tea is specific to minimizing your exposure to potentially harmful chemical residue or more to the ethics often associated around the Organic movement but if you are interested in Sustainable development and in the ethical treatment of workers you might be interested in this link.


This is a link to producing organizations ( some are conglomerates that manage estates) or tea estates that have been certified as Sustainable Farms under a branch of the Rainforest Alliance. Just select tea from the menu.

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yyz said
looseTman said

Thanks again!
Tealux black tea Steepster ratings: http://steepster.com/teas/tealux?black=on

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