Favorite Organic Black Teas?

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looseTman said
cteresa said

If you are interested in organic teas (plus EU regulated labour), there are a couple tea plantations in Portugal (Azores, more concretely in São Miguel island) which I think never ever seen pesticides or herbicides (I have been to the island and plantation, and believe it)


I like the Orange Pekoe and the green tea.

Hallieod said

Oh, that’s great – I loved the tea you used as the basis for the chai, and that’s a nice green tea too! Going to a tea plantation is my new before-I-die dream. :)

looseTman said

Thanks for adding Gorreana to this thread. (The photos on their website look very appealing.)

Hallieod said

The Tao of Tea does a lot of organic teas, and seem to be committed to helping small tea farmers too: http://www.taooftea.com/aboutus.php?num=52. They have nice tins as well!

Alexandra said

I can recommend and add this new company based in NYC who only sources high-quality organic teas. I recently tried a promotional organic loose leaf tea and organic matcha powder they were giving out as promotion. They have sample size teas so you can try them on their website before you buy the bigger size. I have emailed them asking for other variety of loose leaf teas and they said that they are going to sell it soon. They also have reasonable prices too! :)


I like to add GABA Black Tea to my store…
About GABA Tea


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