affordable places to order loose leaf tea from in Canada

Hi guys. like the title says, I’m looking for some good affordable places to order tea from in Canada, preferably online! I want to move on from teavana and try something new… any ideas or suggestions?

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DavidsTea has good shipping rates! That was whom I ordered the most from when I was in Canada (and lurked in store and drank all the samples!)

I haven’t tried their teas yet, but I found an interesting Etsy seller that is based in Winnipeg that have great prices as well. So good, that next time I visit my family back home I’m gonna order it to ship there and take it back to the US.

Oh, edit, how did I forget Zen Tea? They are pretty good too! Vancouver based. Great teaware prices too!

yyz said

I checked out LuxBerry. They look like they have a nice selection of teas. They have an especially large selection of Rooibos, Green and White Teas. Best of all they have that really rare commodity in Canada, Free Shipping on all teas in Canada!( they only charge shipping on Accessories), no more having to buy more than you really want or need in order to make shipping seem worth it or to make a threshold.

They now have a website as well as the Etsy site

yyz said

I second Zen Tea they have $5.00 shipping and great fresh teas.
If your in the GTA and like straight Indian Teas Capital Teas has $4.00/ free over $35.00 shipping rates vary accross the rest of Canada. Distinctly teas seems to have $5.oo shipping as well. . There are several other companies listed in this thread I found this site recently that offers most of their teas at 3.99 but shipping is 8.99, I can’t speak to the quality though. and Cjay teas has expensive (9.99) shipping but offers a wide variety of tea at an affordable price most available at 25g.

Katiek said

I third Zen Tea – I’ve found them very responsive and helpful.

awesome, thank you very much guys! :)

Uniquity said

Teavivre (
Davids Tea (
Verdant (

I frequently buy from these three. :)

Toronto based company called Premium Teas now distributes and sells Harney & Sons Teas online in Canada. Free shipping over $35.

Lindsay said

Oh dear.

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